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8.2 Mounts

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Greetings, dear guests and WoW players. We are here to discuss the most notable mounts that you can farm in 8.2 patch locations. Of course, all of them can be purchased through our wow mounts boost. Relax and let's check these new amazing mounts Blizzard developed!

Mechacycle Model V

Mechacycle mount

This amazing mount that looks exactly like General Grievous monocycle from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. And, by far, the most asked question about wow mounts boost on our website. This wheel looks stylish, gnome a-like and catches attention. But, unfortunately it's a ground only, so with wow flying unlock it becomes less revelant. Still, you can use this attractive futuristic mount during Battlegrounds and raids where you can summon ground mount.
Mechacycle mount

Another thing - this awesome "car" has big advantage - less dependant on RNG than other ones. You have to complete the 'Mecha-Done' Achievement to obtain or can use easier way - Mechacycle Model V boost. So if you guys are haters of annoying farm, you are in the right place.

Junkheap Drifter


The twin-brother of our entering monocycle (meaning Mechacycle Model V carry) is its rusty remodel. As always, imagination of creators didn't get much far out of blind recoloring a texture. But this one can be obtained by different way - most 'loved' RNG. So if you only buy wow mounts when it comes to RNG fiesta, then this one we can farm for you for sure. I would like to point some huge differences between these two, but nothing to mention except color.

Junkheap Drifter boost is done in piloted mode by farming Rustfeather on all chars once per day. Farm lasts until mount is finally in your inventory! Junkheap drifter carry can take some time, but this way you ensure the completion no matter what. That's how we work - safe service you can trust.

Snapdragon Kelpstalker/Deepcoral Snapdragon

These two amazing ground beasts can be considered as ones of the easy wow mounts. They are based on grind with 0 RNG involved. So when you are looking to buy wow mounts with stale and flat ETA - these should be your choice. You can use only one of the following as they are faction-bound. Deepcoral is for Alliance, Kelpstalker is for Horde. The way to obtain them isn't simple - takes a lot of time. Snapdragon Kelpstalker boost includes unlocking nazjatar and leveling your follower to level 20. The one which gives the quest. For Deepcoral Snapdragon boost it's Akana, for horde version it's Neri.It's always perfect when Blizzard add such non-RNG things to farm, bringing us to good old Pandaria times. The only difference that Snapdragon Kelpstalker carry doesn't give you a flying mount. Still, it looks fantastic for both factions. Deepcoral Snapdragon boost takes approximately 3 weeks, same for Horde variant.

Snapback Scuttler - Undersea Usurper


This fearsome and odd crab is a reward for 3-4 month achievement called Undersea Usurper. Snapback Scuttler boost includes a completion of all achievements under this big meta one. Players were dreaming about adding such authentic mount, but duration of grind is insane!

We are talking about ground mounts right now, so flying are coming up later in this article. That obviously means that Snapback Scuttler carry also gives you a ground-only crab, but just look at it - for sure it is worth money or time! Also, he has a treasure chest on his saddle! How awesome!

Mechagon Peacekeeper


Last, but not least ground-only mount in this article. We are talking about Mechagon Peacekeeper boost - this mecha-tank guy is looking glorious! So authentic, so amazing, but still can't fly. The way to obtain is also fully RNG-dependant, but who cares if you have people to trust a farm. For sure it isn't easy, but we can do it, easy!

Mechagon Peacekeeper carry includes farming reins (keys) from HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit boss in Operation: Mechagon. There is another mount, but you will find out about him a bit later into the text. As you know, RNG can be badass, but our top teams will handle this annoying job. There are two more mecha-tanks - Rusty Mechanocrawler and Scarpforged Mechaspider which you can found here. But, in our opinion, Peacekeeper looks much better and worth time spent.

Wonderwing 2.0 - BFA Pathfinder


And as we are entering a second chapter of our top-list, let's kinda start with wow flying unlock reward - Wonderwing 2.0. Since Draenor, each time we complete pathfinder achievement, we get a flying mount reward, which is awesome! This time we have BFA flying boost which gives us Wonderwing 2.0 - mechanical parrot mount.

It looks very stylish, as pirate and engineering themed simultaneously! Pathfinder boost is the easiest way to obtain this awesome puppy! Takes around 2 weeks with completed part one, or around a month for a full achievement from scratch. Pathinder carry is a cheap product for those who hate grinding and routine stuff. Ahead of the wonderwing, you get ability to finally fly in the skies of Battle for Azeroth.

Aerial Unit R-21/X


Finally we've got into the most favored mount of most players in 8.2. Aerial Unit R-21/X boost being performed in Operation: Mechagon on Hard Mode. The reward of killing King Mechagon is this fueled by pure awesomeness flying engine. Even more - you can see a gun underneath, which is often aims to fire a shot!

Leprestore offers cheap Aerial Unit R-21/X carry with 100% guarantee of obtaining. The only thing you will need is to not have saved kill on King Mechagon during the reset. Our teams are best ones, so they are able to clear hard mode even selfplay! Also, if you like rusty color, Rustbold Resistor should be good for you!

Azshari Bloatray - Glory of the Palace Raider


Another awesome addition to 8.2 is bloatray mounts. There's a few of them, but the most awesome can be obtained through Glory of the Palace Raider boost. It is a flying mount, with yellow color, that is not RNG dependant. Isn't it awesome? We bet it is! And the main reason to get Glory of the Palace Raider carry is that glories are always pretty tricky achievements. You are not only need to find a top team to run, but also learn them tactics, mechanics and achievements itself.

Besides, you will get a big achievement and all related ones. Nonetheless, 415+ gear from normal The Eternal Palace is included as well! Don't miss your chance to get it cheap and easy with Leprestore! Other recolored rays are: Silent Glider, Ankoan Waveray, Unshackled Waveray.



8 out of 10 top mounts are here, so it's time for something unique. Last expansion brought us two secret mounts, mostly in its second part. Fabious boost is another secret mount that can be obtained through hidden questline. And, surprise - it's a tidestallion, water-only mount! Fabious carry takes only a few hours, so don't miss your chance on getting this amazing seahorse with our best boosters.

Crimson Tidestallion

And the last one - another tidestallion, and another secret questline. Much harder this time, crimson tidestallion boost takes more time, and very RNG-dependant. Beside a long questline, vendor does not sell him constantly, so you can wait weeks to get him into the stash.

Still, Crimson Tidestallion carry is not as cheap as Fabious, but rewards another unique water mount for your collection.Thank you for reading the article, we hope you have found something interesting for you to read or to order.

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