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Soon the land of Azeroth will change in a biggest way. 8.2 Patch is coming on World of Warcraft servers! That brings us a lot of new content leading to tons of 8.2 boosting services! But always something new brings a removal of a something we got used to.So let's speak about services and content features that will be removed in a coming 8.2 patch.

Heart of Azeroth leveling system is rebalanced

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New patch introduces a new system of HoA leveling. But to experience all of the new features - you have to have maximum (level 50) necklace available by the patch day. Leprestore is happy to help you with Heart of Azeroth boost in fastest and cheapest way. New traits system essentially relies on a full-leveled neck, so be quick to order farm and catch the time.

Ahead of the Curve: Jaina

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Battle of Dazar'Alor is the actual raid content in 8.1-8.1.5 but going to become old with the new update. That means you won't get a possibility to do Ahead of the Curve achievement after new patch is coming. Still, Glacial Tidestorm boost from Mythic would be a possibility with 100% chance even after. But if you wasn't lucky to get this achievement, you still have a time for it..

Battle of Azeroth Keystone Conqueror & Master: Season Three

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Buy Keystone Master Season 3

After adding seasonal Feats of Strength for Battle of Azeroth, Blizzard made high M+ dungeons replayable not only for loot or Raider.IO score. Keystone Master Carry is still a thing, takes only a few days to get yourself this beautiful seasonal achievement. If running M15 sounds too hard for you, Keystone Conqueror is an achievement for M10 keys. Of course the bigger one includes smaller one. Show your friends and guildmates that you are truly worth with help of Leprestore!

New PVP season

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With adding a new content, Blizzard usually resets running pvp season. This season wasn't really massive or big, but still has its cons. For example, you still can get Vicious Saddle boost and recover your mount. Not to say about rating and titles/transmogrification rewards, which are pretty common. Same as with HoA, you have to speed up to be in time.

War Campaign continues

If you are still following the story of BFA, then you for sure need to take your look on War Campaign. Changing a character to main still requires war campaign progression, so it's time to catch up with it. Order the War Campaign boost to be ready to reveal new stories with a new patch launch! Blizzard mentioned that they are working hard on expansion plot, so new story would be stunning! Learn a fate of Sylvanas, Jaina, Anduin, Thrall, Magni, Saurfang and mysterious Queen Azshara! Rumors also confirmed about devastating N'Zoth the Corruptor making his appearance in 8.2.

Last, but not least - Professions

And the last thing from our 8.2 boosting services we want to talk about - new additions to professions. If you missed a chance to work on BFA professions, then you have a time to do it. Leprestore offers a WoW profession boost for relevant price and fast execution time! 8.2 brings us new 'Mount equipment system' which will allow you to equip special items to enhance your mounts. These enhancements are made via professions, so we will gladly help you to prepare them. Great job for Tailors, Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths and Enchanters Also, new consumables - flasks, food, potions are being added. Four new inscription trinkets, new gems and more as well!

Catch your time to prepare

This, by far, is the list of services and content features that will be removed or updated either reworked in the upcoming patch. Leprestore is a place where you can find all of the listed services and great help with preparing yourself to new page of the World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth book. Stand your ground and fight for honor!

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