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Nighthold Heroic proudly presents new feature that is available from January, 2017 – Nighthold Heroic Boost. The Nighthold – brand new raid which is situated in the central location of the new World of Warcraft continent Broken Isles, Suramar. Unlike previous raids, if you buy heroic nighthold boost, you are able to encounter forgotten ancient elven race – The Nightfallen. Nightfallen is unique race in WoW, being actual proto elves, so they have a lot in common. Buy heroic nighthold raid boost on Europe and face new threats, live the stunning story of a Legion conquering the Azeroth. During the boost you will face ten completely new bosses in World of Warcraft: High Botanist Tel’Arn, Trilliax, Star Augur Etraeus, Krosus, Spellblade Aluriel, Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly and three better known in WoW foes – Tichondrius, the leader of Dreadlords, Grand Magistrix Elisande and Gul’Dan, grandmaster of the Shadow Council. Buy Nighthold Heroic carry and finally bring death to Gul’Dan and receive epic rewards!

This one is too difficult?

Yes, let’s take a look. After the collapse of Blizzards difficulty system during Emerald Nightmare, Nighthold is very tough raid to complete for average players, so even top world wow guilds on Europe servers are declaring sad news. Most of the average players won’t kill Heroic Gul’Dan until the end of March on EU, so to speed this up you can buy nighthold heroic boost by Leprestore. Price on that service is totally worth because in hard encounters your nerves and time will suffer. Get Nighthold heroic raid boost on Europe now and save your time and confidence!

Rewards and bonuses worth it?

Latest patch always brings latest ilvl gear, significantly upgrading your character! Order your wow nighthold heroic boost to equip your toon with epic 890+ gear, which can be warforged or titanforged. This number is increased from Mythic difficulties of Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor (880 and 885 respectively). TNH heroic boost also can be done in the gearing variant on both EU and US servers for very reasonable price that helps you to save up funds for another essential carries. Aside from increasing the level of gear, Nighthold brought back Tier sets to the game! New T19 set has been increased from 5 to 6 pieces due to introduction of Legendaries, that can place 2 set slots and dissolve a set bonus. In 7.1.5 we have been watching a few legendaries being implemented into the game, so during the new raid you also have increased chance to loot 940 legendary piece!

Hellfire Core – first raid mount in Legion is now live!

What if you are coming to the heart of Suramar only for unique mount? As always, Blizzard letting us to have 100% drop of it from last boss on M difficulty, but what now they brought us new mount with same model, but it drops with completely random chance from heroic or other difficulties (excluding Looking for Raid). Very rare, but how much joy it will bring to you! Leprestore is ready to help you with both mounts farming, so get lets them together!

Why do we even fight?

New instance is telling us a story about Legion and Nightfallen relationships from ancient times. To save a life of their people, leaders of Nightfallen signed a dreadful pact with demon leaders so turned into Legion’s servants, guarding powerful artifacts hidden in the heart of the city. After the heroes have returned to Broken Isles, demons felt the necessity of defending their positions at forgotten town of elves. Tichondrius himself came to command from the Citadel in a heart of Suramar. Grand Magistrix Elisande separated her lieutenants across Nighthold and started to guard entrance to Gul’Dan. Finally we will see the day when leader of Shadow Council meets retribution.

Final episode

So what’s the benefits of ordering Nighthold boosting service? Let’s look at it more clearly:
  • Completely unique and recently added 890+ items with rebalanced stats on them;
  • Tier 19 has been added to the game with increased 6 tier parts from 5. Bonuses are significantly increasing every class;
  • Two new mounts called Fiendish Hellfire Core and Living Hellfire core, dropping from different modes;
  • Challenging experience and really hard boss encounters;
  • Charming Suramar atmosphere as one of the most beautiful places in the game.
Don’t forget the transmogrification parts from T19 set! If you still haven’t take a look on them – do it as soon as possible since they are adorable and definitely worth farming new appearances of your lovely toon.Still doubt? Ask our operator about details and we will help you to get exact type of boost that you are looking for. Never hesitate a possibility to receive full consultation with clearing all of your thoughts, worries and fears.