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Leveling carry


We might have a queue to start. Please, ask support about wait time before purchase.
It is important to mention: ETA can be extended (not exceed 5-7 days for fast leveling) on overpopulated servers start due to instability or huge queues for quests, mobs, other factors, etc. Unfortunately we can`t avoid such thing for 100% and we asking for your understanding and patience if any of decribed cases will appear. Be sure we will do our best to complete your order asap!

    • $
    • 349 $
      ETA around 4 weeks. For partial service choose speed and check ETA with our support agent please.
    • 449 $
      ETA around 3 weeks. For partial service choose speed and check ETA with our support agent please.
    • 549 $
      ETA around 2 weeks. For partial service choose speed and check ETA with our support agent please.
    • 859 $
      The fastest way possible! Leveling will be performed by our best 5ppl group in non-stop dungeon farm. 60% speed mount included. This service available on any server. Due to high popularity of the service - start can take some time to complete all preparations. Please ask support about ETA on your server and faction before purchase!

    • 0 $
      Choose this option and we will farm some gold to buy 60% speed mount for you. This option available for 1-60 leveling as bonus. For partial services mount will cost extra, check price with support agent.
    • 599 $
      Choose this option and we will farm 1000 gold to buy 100% speed mount for you. May extend ETA of entire service.
    • 89 $
      Choose this option an we will do all class quests for you ( Stance quests, totems, druid forms, pet quests, etc.). No mount quests included. Remember, classes like Mage got no class quests
    • 99 $
      Skinning, Mining or Herbalism till 300 skill on your choice. This option will extend ETA.
    • 129 $
      Alchemy, Blacksmithing. Enchanting, Tailoring, Engineering or Leatherworking till 300 skill on your choice. This option will extend ETA.
    • 215 $
      This professions can support each other and we ready to make them both with extra discount!
    • 119 $
      Choose this option to get First Aid Profession 300 skill after leveling done.
    • 119 $
      Choose this option to get Cooking Profession 300 skill after leveling done.
    • 129 $
      Choose this option to get Fishing Profession 300 skill after leveling done.
    • 515 $
      All gear slots from your list will be farmed within shortest time possible. Remember : ultimate rare items does not include as well as BoE .
    • 219 $
      Full gear using random items from dungeon. We guarantee that items will be at least rare (blue) quality
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Hello Gamer! On this page you can buy Classic Leveling Carry for World of Warcraft Classic Vanilla US region!

Classic Leveling Carry Includes:

  • 1-60 character leveling by hands using quests, dungeons and mob grinding.
  • You can choose any range of levels you need, our service fully customisable!
  • 60% mount and 100% speed mount available as extra options. In this case we will learn Skinning profession to get extra gold and learn mount for you.

Classic Leveling Carry Service Requirements:

  • WoW Classic available with active subscription.
  • Already created character you want us to level up.
  • Classic Leveling Carry service is possible in piloted mode only.

Classic Leveling Carry Important Information:

  • Leprestore.com working with professional boosters providing flexible schedule for your comfort.
  • We can offer a livestream for most orders. Please, check availability with our support agents.
  • In addition, our teams always making screenshots of the progress. Feel free to ask support agents for any updates!
  • Sometimes we need to change your key bindings. But no worries at all. Once our service done we certainly return your keybindings to their original positions.
  • You will recieve lots of resources, loot and other things. We will keep them untouched in your inventory, bank or post. In case of insufficient space we will ask you for permission to move your stuff.
  • Service takes around 2-4 weeks. Depends on your current level and gear etc. But be sure we will do our best to reach needed level as soon as possible!
  • Service Conditions:

  • First of all we guarantee completion of any orders. However, most loot and ingame activities based on random and can take more time to complete.
  • Also we will never use 3-rd party software, bots or any kind of cheats. Only hand work only hardcore by our best PvE and PvP teams.
  • There are many factors that can delay start or increase ETA of your order: during server lags, maintenance, ISP issues etc. Unfortunately, we can't avoid this for 100% but we will do our best to fulfill your order as soon as possible. Hope for your understanding.
  • In case of account sharing we need login and pasword only. Also, we will ask for verification code or mobile authentication. We will never ask additional info. Above all, your safety on first place.
  • Moreover, our piloted services always safe with VPN matching your current location.
Classic Leveling Carry is available for WoW US region including USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and China. Feel free to make an order and our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after payment to clarify details.
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