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Greetings, gamer! We have a truly amazing news for you – our website was relaunched with brand new design! Our goal in developing new design was to make everything simple, understandable and user friendly. Also, increase page load speed and uptime. Hope you will like it! In the end of this article you will find a link for survey. This survey is very important for us, so please spend 5 minutes of your time and make Leprestore even better! And there’s always a bad news have to step in play. New website is just launched, so you might encounter bugs, errors or lags. If you found or encountered any of these, please let us know, we will be very appreciated. We do work 24/7 to make our website better and always happy to hear some critic or suggestions. There’s only 2 things left to update: Event Calendar. We are working on bringing it online in shortest possible terms. While we do so, please ask our support agents about raid time, no hesitation allowed :). Our referral system. We want to improve and expand our referral system with fixing all known errors. You have been writing to us about errors and bugs, thank you so much for it. While the system is in development, you would not be able to see or spend your leprecoins. So if you eager to spend some of these – ask our supports, they can provide help with that. When the system will be launched back online, you will get all leprecoins from old website back, and also all new ones (after the launch period). We are sincerely sorry for all the inconveniences. If you have 5 minutes of a free time, please fulfill this survey, we really need your help! By answering all 10 questions you will help Leprestore to improve much faster. And a little note: make answers with maximum honesty please, survey is anonymous.
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