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8/8 Heroic Dungeons
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8/8 Heroic Dungeons


Hurry up to buy BFA Heroic Dungeons Boost from Leprestore.com. Waste no time and be the first who get new gear and achievements! BFA heroic dungeons will give you a great gear push once you hit level 120! Obtain 325+ iLvL loot, tons of Azerite and chance for warforged/titanforged items.

    • 9 €
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Product Description

On this page you can buy BFA Heroic Dungeons boost.

WoW Dungeon Boosting includes:
– 8/8 runs for heroic dungeons.
– You shall earn various items 325+ item level and Azerite.
– 8 unique achievements that unlocks mythic mode for dungeons:
Heroic: Atal’Dazar

– Item trade (if possible)

WoW Dungeon Carry requirements:
– 120 level character
– No gear requirements

Dungeons WoW conditions:
– Our team will provide a professional boosters with flexible schedule for your comfort.
– Our boosters never use 3-rd party software.
– Our team can offer a livestream of your service (ask about availability).
– Once service done keybindings will be returned to their original positions.
– Only safe services with VPN matching your location.
– Resources, loot and other things dropped during service will be untouched in your inventory.

ESTIMATED TIME: Start within 24 hours after order received.

Feel free to make an order and our support agents will contact you to reserve slot for your boosting within 15 minutes after payment.


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