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Antorus Normal Boost Vip Run

Service Description

Now available as Vip run only. Within this service we will provide 7 boosters matching your armor type to trade all loot dropped for them.

Why should I get that? team is happy to introduce new service - Antorus normal boost. Basically, after releasing of each raid in World of Warcraft we get 3 difficulties (after Panda conceded of course) and free to choose what toughness we will be facing. Eventually, higher difficulty leads to higher rewards, which is obvious. Normal is always been like a trial version of a raid (I’m not saying about Looking for Raid - it’s more like Alpha Version without majority of functions. So purchasing Normal Antorus boost can get you average item level loot, new experience and basically no challenge. Perfect choice for your new alt or after returning to the game since long time.

Antorus Normal Boost contains:
- You get all 11 out of 11 bosses killed in normal mode of Antorus the Burning Throne
- You get achievements for each of four wings of a raiding instance

Buy Antorus Normal raid with:
- 20+ professional players from our relative guilds
- At least 7 non-similar slots (which means non-duplicate, e.g. Leather chest and tier chest are duplicates and being counted as same slot) of average 930-935 item level.
- Possibility to play by yourself or let our professional driver do it for you (called selfplay and piloted, respectively)
For Piloted services we use VPN matching your location to protect and hide your account
For every piloted service you are able to ask for a stream or screenshots.
We don’t use any types of third-party software, all services are being done by real people.

Normal Antorus, the Burning Throne service requirements:
Active World of Warcraft Subscription
- Level 110 character (leveling from 1st or 100th level can be ordered via our service)
- No gear requirements, you can bring freshly leveled character or forgotten one long time ago
- Arriving within 15 minutes after estimated raid start time for selfplay customers
For piloted customers - we never ask any details but password and login from your account.
Stay aware if someone asks you to give secret question’s answer or email password.
In default case, you will have to tell us confirmation code sent to your email after pilot is tried to log in.
Otherwise, authenticator holders will have to tap on phone or give special auth code.

Loot distribution policy in Normal Antorus boost:
7 or 10 items guaranteed from raid (depending on option you choose, 7 is nominal one).
Choosing any ‘I don’t need’ option reducing default guarantee by 1. For example, if you don’t want to get any trinkets, your final total will be 6 items, but without trinkets.
If you don’t get guaranteed amount, you automatically will be carried on next reset to finish order conditions.
7 or 10 items are not maximum amount of items you can get from raid - may the force will be with you, always. And gods of lucky loot of course
Personal Loot modes are not affiliated with any guarantee conditions - you get what you get, based on your personal drop. No trades, no other items.
By choosing default Master Loot run, you have a first priority of getting all armor type items, which are fitting you (mail/cloth/plate/leather)
Other items, i.g. offsets (necks, cloaks and rings), trinkets, relics and tiers can be desired by several customers in the same raid, so you will have to roll for those types of items.
If you want all of those items reserved and guaranteed if they drop - you are free to purchase priorities.
Basically, if someone get a priority, other carries from same range of tiers/trinkets/relics (offsets are same for any player) may not receive this type of item at all. Please check in with operator if you don’t want to purchase priorities but in need of some items of that class.
No customers with same priorities for same items are placed in the same raid
We cannot guarantee that all items from your run will be upgrades for you. We cannot create items from the air, so we count anything which fits your specialization.

Buy Antorus Boost normal and get new Tier 21 pieces:
Gloves: Kin’garoth
Shoulder: Coven of Shivarra
Chest: Essence of Eonar
Legs: Imonar the Soulhunter
Helm: Aggramar
Cloak: Antoran High Command

Remember, that normal Antorus service gives low 930~ item level, while Heroic clear will be a result of 945-955 items. Check our Heroic Antorus service.

Mythic is expensive, what is it for?

Maybe customer is a big fan of the game and enjoying mounts for example? In this case you can buy kiljaeden boss kill on Mythic to get your great mount from this mighty demon lord. Finally, our new vehicle can fly, so its efficiency sky high.

Antorus Normal Boost Vip Run


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