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Pathfinder Part 1

BFA pathfinder boost

Service Description

Tired of reputations and quests farming? Buy BFA Pathfinder boost from Leprestore.com! Pathfinder is the most important achievement you need! Don't waste any time for boring stuff – buy now and our professional team will take care of Pathfinder part 1 for you. We use only our own boosters who have been working for 5+ years. 100% safety and anonymity guaranteed. Only hand-made leveling.

Why should I get that?

Hello, Gamer. On this page you are free to purchase BFA Pathfinder boost.

Make your character fly in BFA

Tired of using your ground mount during adventures on Kul Tiras and Zandalar? Leprestore is here to help you out with fly pathfinder. Our professional team of best boosters is ready to make your character fly over those two big islands. We want to save your time and keep the interest to the game.

Leveling up pathfinder is a long way journey, so if you don’t have time or effort for grind - use professional help! First of all, the reward is necessary for any player in World of Warcraft. Remember, how in Pandaria times and earlier we were able to use flying mount as we hit the maximum level! Fly pathfinder is one and only requirement for using flying mount in every expansion after Warlords of Draenor landed onto Azeroth fields. Biggest trouble as always is an amount of time spent on grinding this flawless achievement. That is the reason why we’ve launched bfa flying service from the start of Battle for Azeroth.

BFA Pathfinder Mount

But remember, that until 8.1 this achievement only gives you increased 20% of movespeed while using ground mount. Means making it total 120% of a character’s default speed. But after 8.1 hits, pathfinder boost will be divided into two separate parts - part 1 and part 2 respectively. First part gives you same 20% increased move speed. Second one is an essential requirement for unlocking the fly ability. Leveling up pathfinder usually takes around 3-4 weeks due to limit on reputation within all factions needed for your goal. That is the main reason of ordering this service. Wasting 2-3 hours per day on endless grind is not the best way you want to spend your precious time in the era of information.

BFA Flying - what do you need to do?

The main achievement (first part) requires you to have all main and neutral island factions revered. Also with War Campaign of your faction completed. Part two of pathfinder boost usually requires getting to exalted same factions. Another thing is completing the chain of additional prerequisites. In Draenor we had main story requirement, in Legion - Suramar.

BFA Pathfinder boost provides you:
Revered with three main factions of your side (Horde or Ally);
Revered with Champions of Azeroth and Tortollan Seekers;
Battle for Azeroth Explorer achievement;
BFA Flying boost also includes getting done zone achievements - Kul Tourist or Zandalar Forever;
Wide World of Quests achievement done (completing 100 World Quests in Battle for Azeroth);
War Campaign achievement ‘Ready for War’ completed;
Pathfinder Part 2 achievement, if you make order after patch 8.1 release.

Second part of meta achievement is yet unknown (at the time of 8.0.1 patch). Of course, it eventually will be added to the product as soon as it’s released. Acquiring wow bfa flying is needed to increase your effectiveness during your farm. That way you get acceleration from 100% ground speed to 280% or 310% flying.

We don’t require anything special to start

Only thing we need from you to start your pathfinder wow bfa service is Battle of Azeroth expansion purchased. Second obvious thing is subscription active and character level 120 (check our Leveling service!). All parts of this achievement we will execute with fastest speed and in suitable time for every customer. So you can choose what timeframe is best for you. Your gear for this product is irrelevant. Even after getting 120 level without any additional items or progress you can get your wow pathfinder part 2 right away!

BFA Pathfinder Leveling

If you are aware of your account safety - every order being executed with VPN matching your location. Also we use other safety measures required from boosters to prevent anything bad from happening. We only require your account details and location to start the process. If you have no authenticator you will receive email code from Blizzard allowing our booster to enter the account.This is preferable, since authenticator can cause problems with login and slow the process down. In case of having the authenticator attached, you will only need to tap on your phone device to allow booster’s login.

After the login procedure is completed - you are free from your endless grind. You can focus on other daily or weekly activities (or also order us to do them). Such as Azerithe Power farming, Mythic+ Dungeons, Heroic or Mythic Uldir raid, Island Expeditions and a lot more! Don’t let this unnecessary grind destroy your experience and joy during gaming!

– Pathfinder Part 1 available for WoW EU region including United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar etc.

I can do it myself, why should I order Pathfinder boost?

Don't waste days for BFA pathfinder leveling. Let professionals help you! Order BFA pathfinder boost from Leprestore.com and our professional driver will help you fly in BFA as fast as possible. If you wish we can even stream boosting process for you :)

Pathfinder Part 1


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