Fiendish Hellfire Core

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Fiendish Hellfire Core

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New awesome mythic Gul’dan mount is waiting for you!  Fiendish Hellfire Core is drop from Nighthold Mythic difficulty. Make an order today and ride Hellfire Infernal tomorrow!

Upon the Battle for Azeroth release, this mount is getting extra low dropchance. This mount is account-wide, so you can use it on any character. We can deliver it on any server.

    • 29 €
    • 39 €


Here you can buy WoW (World of Wacraft) Gul’dan mythic mount Hellfire Infernal for europe servers

Boost facts:
–you will get Hellfire Infernal
–your character should have 890+ ilvl gear (gearing can be ordered on our website)
–this service is possible selfplay or piloted way (piloted way – we play on your character, selfplay way – you play on your character during the boost)
–for all piloted services we use VPN matching IP of your location to protect your account
–if you choose piloted way we will provide stream of boosting process (customers nicknames won’t be shown on stream)
–we never use any kind of third-party software, all our services are done by hands
–you will get several achievements:
– Gul’dan
– Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan
– Cutting Edge: Gul’dan
– Betrayer’s Rise

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