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Tomb of Sargeras heroic Vip run only

Service Description

Now available as Vip run only. We will provide 7 boosters amtching your armor type to trade all loot possible!

Why should I get that?

Buy boost Tomb of Sargeras and receive:
9 / 9 bosses in all four wings including famous and legendary Kil’Jaeden! Make old foe concede once more and get back to the Twisting Nether!
Possibility to get your tomb of sargeras boost in Master Loot (ML) or Personal Loot (PL) modes
915 average item level of the gear, with possibility of being warforged and titanforged! 925 pieces from final boss
Achievements after completing all 4 wings of the raid plus Ahead of The Curve: Kil’Jaeden.

We provide closer look to service - buy boost tomb of sargeras:
20-30 man raiding group with professional top ranks players
ML mode rewards at least 7 non-duplicate slots (same items and item types don’t count unless they can be equipped both at the same time - e.g. rings, relics, trinkets). Nonetheless you still can get more items if gods of loot have blessed you.
PL mode doesn’t include some amount of gear guarantee (you get what you get and no items can be traded by other members).
Bonus rolls are included into the guarantee, but they are being used (if piloted) only if there are no other drops from the boss

Buy Tomb of Sargeras boost and be sure about safety:
Services are provided in two ways - selfplay and piloted.
Self play is self-named, so you are taking part in raid by yourself
Piloted variant means that one of our professional performers will login on your account and would be playing your character.
Going to pick piloted? We are providing live streams with VODs recording and using VPN matching.
We guarantee full account safety
Our boosts are being made only by hands, so no third party software or hacking. This is a business, not a circus.

Is there are some requirements when I Buy Tomb of Sargeras carry:
Level 110 character and active World of Warcraft subscription (you are free always set up a leveling with Leprestore following this link)
To being eligible to receive items from the boss you need to make at least 1 point of damage to him (single auto attack or any spell dealing damage).
There are no real gear requirements, so you always can come with fresh character (to gear up completely and fast follow this page)
Your help is essential when pilot needs to login onto your account. In case of authenticator active you will need to tap on request’s popping. When it comes to regular login, we ask a confirmation code sent to your email. Remember: we never ask anything but login and password from account and nothing more. Keep yourself aware

Tomb of Sargeras carry loot distribution rules:
We guarantee 7 items (or 10 with bonus option) from single order for your specialization.
Guarantee means that we will fulfill the conditions during next raids for free if items amount is low due to bad luck or poor drops.
Choosing any ‘I don’t need’ option reduces your guaranteed amount by 1.
Purchasing default master loot run guarantees getting all drops for your armor type (cloth / plate / mail / leather) without roll. All other occasions (trinkets / tiers / relics / offsets) are being rolled between all customers in raid. To get them without roll you need to purchase priorities.
In case of Personal loot you simply get all drops that you are receiving by yourself or with seal of broken fate rolls
We can’t guarantee that every item from the raid will be an upgrade for you. We are not Gods, so we count everything useful matching your specialization that we drop from the raid.

Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Boost is having extra options:
4 out of 6 tiers guarantee means that you will 100% get 4 tier bonus after finishing this order
Pretty rare situation when customer gets 4 tier bonus during single run so if you are going to add this bonus option you will definitely get a combination of 4 tokens, granting you powerful bonus
It can be done during single or several raids (depends only on your luck but every next run will be for certain bosses for free until you get your 4/6)
10 slots guarantee also extends your conditions of the run for 40% granting you more unique gear and possibility to be ran several times to get it done

Tomb of Sargeras raid boost background:
Your order will be executed by best guilds, most of them are signed with our store by real contracts.
Heroic is the most efficient difficulty in terms of loot - you get average high level of gear with possibility of receiving end game procs on those pieces.
ML is overall better than PL due to several reasons: in Master you get yourself fixated amount of loot pieces and possibility of getting rare drops while Personal fully depends on amount of same armor type characters during the clear and overall count of your earnings is much lower.

Tomb of sargeras carry and Tier 20:
ToS has brought a new set to whole World of Warcraft community.
T20 can be combined and mixed with old T19 by four to two pieces of any.
Huge improvements according to end game logs and Public Test Realm
With T19 nerfed by 20-50% T20 becoming new essential thing.
T20 tokens are dropped by: Kil’Jaeden (chest), Fallen Avatar (shoulder), Harjatan (hands), The Desolate Host (back), Demonic Inquisition (head), Mistress Sassz’ine (Legs)

Leprestore - your guide in World of Warcraft boosting
Our website is operating since the middle of Mists of Pandaria expansion. Firstly we have started from player versus player services, but during the years we’ve expanded a lot by adding completely self-made PvE section and gold trades. Our customer support is working 24/7 without off-days, so you always can reach us for a talk or order - during the night, early morning or late evening. Special offers, best deals and partial orders are often and pretty frequent, so always check our social networks and website! Reviews and social networks are situated at the bottom of the webpage you are reading right now.

Legion expansion is a whole new era of our store! We have signed a few guilds with real contracts, so the quality of what we provide is inevitable high. Our service is unique and always on demand, so we are glad to see everyone who is coming to work and collaborate with us. If you have ever wanted to do anything but wasn’t dedicated enough to finish or even start - our teams and players are always happy to help you with this for best and reasonable pricing.

Get yourself boosted!
After reading this whole page you see that Leprestore is always providing best quality of service, so never hesitate to order from us! Our customer support is ready to help you in any case during whole day. You are free to ask us anything and we will do everything for you. Enjoy your carry by Leprestore!

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Tomb of Sargeras heroic Vip run only


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