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940-970 ilvl legendary upgrade (Stabilized Titan Essence)
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940-970 ilvl legendary upgrade (Stabilized Titan Essence)

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Leprestore.com team is ready to upgrade your legendary items from 910 ilvl to 940 ilvl! Don't waste your time to complete Touch of a Titan quest, we will do it for you! Just make an order and our operators will contact you within 15 minutes.

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Product Description

Here you can buy 940-970 ilvl legendary item upgrade. We will finish «Unsettled Power» quest the quickest way for you. Buy World of Warcraft boosts safe on the best WoW boosting service – Leprestore.com!

970ilvl upgrade of legendary item EU boost INCLUDES:

–50 Writhing Essence for Unsettled Power quest
Distilled Titan Essence for 940=>970 ilvl upgrade
–10/10 bosses in The Nighthold raid
–Weekly PvP and world quests farm
–Mythic+ dungeons run

940ilvl upgrade of legendary item EU carry CONDITIONS:

–Service will take 1-2 weeks
–This service is possible only piloted way (we play on your character during the boost)
–For all piloted services we use VPN matching IP of your location to protect your account
–We will provide stream of boosting process (customers nicknames won’t be shown on stream)
–We never use any kind of third-party software; all our services are done by hands

970ilvl upgrade of legendary item EU service REQUIREMENTS:

-110 level character
-No gear requirements
-In case of account sharing we will only ask for login and password, we don’t need any secret information like secret question/answer, account holder name or password from email account. We guarantee privacy and safety of your account
-Europe region (character should be on WoW EU server)

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