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Mythic+ chests

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Leprestore.com team is ready to boost you in mythic+ dungeons for loot chests! Ordering this service you will get loot chests from 2-4+ level mythic dungeons (or even higher if you choose special option). Just choose number of chests you want and make an order, our support will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase.

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Product Description

Since World of Warcraft Legion came out we have received new playstyle for 5 people dungeons – get their keystone and to hunt for big reward – mythic+ chest. The main difference between standard meaning of 5 people Mythic dungeons is that here you have infinite amount of levels that grant you increased difficulty, but the loot and rewards are much greater! Mythic+ chest always contains loot: it may be gold reward, artifact power upgrade or item of ilvl based on the level of keystone. Never underestimate a level of threat before you enter the fray – remember, you need to finish or give up.

Why I need to farm chests?

First of all, depending on speed of the completing the M+ dungeon, mythic plus chest can be doubled or tripled after the timer beaten. The faster you go, the bigger amount of lockboxes you get (for example, if you do dung like 40% faster than timer required you will get 3 of them). When you get highest prize, mythic plus chest will be tripled and each chest can contain gold, AP or items (up to 3 actually). The main problem about completing for the highest result is affixes – on europe servers we are a bit behind the US but we can predict which threat we gonna face next week.

 Single dungeons are less efficient?

Leprestore is glad to provide you mythic+ chest run on Europe servers for very fair and reasonable price. Our team treats 5 people system in World of Warcraft like a completely whole new world. Mythic+ loot chest is very high demand product on our website, especially when it comes to buy carry on EU for best price. The main reason when people are coming to buy a carry it’s when they really need some huge amount of AP and loot for the fastest time. On both Europe and America mythic+ chest boost is done by the best teams (some of our teams are raiding in top worldwide guilds that are doing mythic progression among first ones). When it comes to single dungeon vs chest farming we can argue, but here what I can say in a favor of this product:

  • Best world teams are doing mythic plus chest boost much more fluent since it’s great source of Artifact power farming for both boosters and clients.
  • Price in case of 1 dungeon (or even 3 chests) is relatively lower
  • On distance you can have a lot of items that can proc to incredibly high itemlevel
  • Legendary drop chance is very high while you do a lot of dungeons in a row
  • Chance to get amazing upgraded gear from dungeons that overwhelms raid items

Is it worth?

We always try to describe our products from the best ever sides they can be seen, but right now it’s really nothing to say against such good offer. Every high ranked player in the world spending dozens of hours per days farming over and over again, running through keystones, completing them and getting loot, gold, artifact power. If you here to come for single mythic+ dungeon, you better try out our related product, but if you are heading to roll some gear, farm a lot of ap and receive the experience of fast runs with highest level boosters – you are in the right place, Sir.

Some numbers

Best and the only good offer right now is to order +12 or higher keystones due to high benefit after each single instance you go through. Just imagine – each carry would end up getting 250k+ Artifact power, over 300 gold and with big chance of getting 870-890+ item (ilvl depends on the keystone difficulty, but after M+10 raisings are pointless because loot won’t change or rise). Remember, our team will trade you all loot they got so don’t worry about this case. And each boost will put you in certain situations where you would need to use all your skills to survive or learn how to.