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Loading... team is ready to help you with Mythic+ dungeons. Feel free to choose needed mythic+ dungeons level and best options. For every mythic+ dungeon you will get 1-3 chests with 840-870 ilvl items (1 chest for completing a dungeon before timer expires, 2 chests if the dungeon is finished 33% faster and 3 chests if the dungeon is finished 50% faster). If you choose “All mythic+ lvls up to chosen one” option we will upgrade your or our keystone starting from mythic +1 dungeon, so you will get more chests. Remember that for completing mythic+ dungeons every week you can get classhall chest with 840-885 item.

These prices are for only 1 instance. If you don't have keystone for needed mythic+ level instance, please choose “All mythic+ lvls up to chosen one” option.

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Product Description team proudly presents one of the most popular products of our shop: Mythic Dungeons Boost. This feature includes both Myhic and Mythic+ Dungeon Boost. While the level of difficulty was introduced in late Warlords of Draenor, Mythic Plus (often referred as M+) is a brand new difficulty that was added in World of Warcraft: Legion.

Mythic dungeon boost is the most popular feature for those who are leveling new characters and willing to gear them as soon as possible. These dungeons are containing 840+ gear that can always proc through to 895 items. Mythic dungeons carry is a good option to get yourself a legendary because it can drop from any boss and the amount of bosses is high.

We are providing two variants of runs by mythic dungeon boost. There are 8/10 and 10/10 types of mythic dungeons carry. 8/10 run is including all regular mythic except Suramar dungeons – Court of Stars and The Arcway. So it’s not hard to predict that 10/10 run includes both Suramar dungeons alongside regular 8 mythics from all over the Broken Isles. If customer is willing to buy mythic dungeon but not the whole set the price is negotiable.

New difficulty called M+ was brought us by Blizzard recently, at the start of raiding content. M+ allows us to raise difficulty after successful completion of a current difficulty by getting special upgradeable keystone. The higher level of dungeon is, the bigger amount of hp and damage enemies have. For example, Halls of Valor with +3 keystone enemies will have 17% extra damage and health.

After 4th, 7th and 10th levels of keystone mobs and bosses receive improvements, which are called affixes. Affixes are additional buffs for enemies or debuffs for players. The addition of affixes makes dungeons really tough to complete but fun to watch and play. There are only 10 affixes available right now and they are weekly changeable. Affixes are one of the reasons to buy Mythic WoW dungeon boost.

Let’s proceed to the main reason to buy Mythic Dungeon Boost: gear. While regular Mythics provide you only 840 minimum gear ilvl, Mythic Plus Dungeons can be a source of 845-865 items from loot and 850-880 items from Class Hall Chest. One of the biggest features of M+ is that you have guaranteed item from Class Hall, that is able to pick up at the start of new reset.

There is some logic in this itemlvl difference:

  • +2: 845 drop, 850 Chest
  • +3: 845 drop, 855 Chest
  • +4: 850 drop, 860 Chest
  • +5: 850 drop, 865 Chest
  • +6: 855 drop, 865 Chest
  • +7: 855 drop, 870 Chest
  • +8: 860 drop, 870 Chest
  • +9: 860 drop, 875 Chest
  • +10: 865 drop, 880 Chest
  • +11: 870 drop, 880 Chest
  • +12-15: 870 drop, 885 Chest
  • +11: 870 drop, 880 Chest
  • +12-15: 870 drop, 885 Chest

After looking at this table we can understand that Mythic+ is an alternative way of gearing in Legion if we talk about skipping raid content. Amount of items that proc through to 895 is very high and this makes M+ look brilliant alongside with Emerald Nightmare Heroic and Karazhan.

Besides, Mythic Dungeon Boost is a source of getting big amount of achievements: Brokes Isles Keymaster, Keystone Initiate, Keystone Challenger, Keystone Conqueror, Keystone Master (this achievement unlocks amazing artifact appearances).

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