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Uldir Normal Boost Vip only

Uldir Normal Boost

Service Description

Now available as ViP run only. Vip run includes 7 boosters matching your armor type to trade all loot dropped for them!

Why should I get that?

  • Here you can purchase Uldir Normal boost;
  • For this type of service you will get all achievements for all 4 wings of a new raid;
  • Normal Uldir ilvl is average 355+;
  • By purchasing this carry you will get all 8/8 bosses killed;
  • Uldir Raid Normal carry is a starter product, if you want to get higher gear, proceed here for heroic;
  • Run is possible only in Personal Loot mode;
  • Uldir normal ilvl is pretty high for increasing power of your character by average 25-30%;
  • All piloted orders are being executed with VPN;
  • Streaming is possible in case of asking.

Additional options explanation:

  • You are free to choose between two basic options - selfplay and piloted;
  • Selfplay named after itself - you get invited at the scheduled time and get your boost;
  • Piloted mode - our professional driver will play on your character during a run;
  • I want a run on first days - you will get a place among first runs of our boosting teams;
  • Item trade - you will get additional items by random chance from Normal Uldir;
  • There are no items guarantee without adding additional options;
  • Extra Boosters with your armor type means that we will form a group of people who will trade all their loot to you;
  • Additional items guarantee means that you will get certain amount of items from the raid guaranteed;
  • In case if amount wasn't reached, you will get a second try;
  • VIP run means that we will give all loot from raid to you.

Important information:

  • If you are wondering what ilvl for uldir normal - answer is no requirement, you can come with fresh character;
  • Service is treated as a preorder before 4th of september;
  • Looking for Normal Uldir guide? We will have it posted soon, or you can run with us to learn mechanics;
  • Usually, booster must have better items to trade you gear in item trade orders;
  • But, as it’s starter difficulty and uldir normal ilvl is not high enough, we will be able to start such orders from second week;
  • Additional boosters giving you a guarantee of a loot you will get from the carry - for detailed information check question marks near options;
  • Normal Uldir Guide is not required for participating the run - it's a total carry, so you can be semi-afk during the progression;
  • Run usually takes 1,5 up to 2 hours long
  • This raid has no attunement, so don't worry if you just started playing or came back from a long break - make an order and be happy!

Loot trade explanation:
Extra Boosters with your armor type means that we will form a group of people who will trade all their loot to you. On other hand we need to mention that boosters can't trade items that are better than their orginal equipment. For example: booster have 370 ilvl shoulder, then dropped 380 item level shoulder - he can't trade it. Unfortunately this is in-game mechanic and we can't avoid it. This means we can't guarantee like 100% loot trade especially warforged and titanforged items but we can do our best!

+1 booster with your armor type: got no loot guarantees due to low drop chance.
+3 boosters with your armor type: got a minimum guarantee of 4 unique items and at least 1 booster matching your class.
+5 booster with your armor type: got a minimum guarantee of 6 unique items, also we provide 2 boosters matching your class.

ESTIMATED TIME: start within 24-72 hours

Uldir Normal Boost Requirements:

  • For all raiding content you need 120 level. If you don’t have it, we are ready to help you! Click here to order - Leveling;
  • There are no gear uldir normal ilvl requirement;
  • We may use some gold for repairs or alchemy/food during the carry;
  • In case of ordering piloted run, make sure that you can provide account details before raid or even earlier;
  • Do not login on your account during piloted run! Otherwise you will interrupt our boosters;
  • Attention! If you booked a selfplay carry, make sure that you will attend it.
  • Make sure that you don’t have save on this difficulty before ordering a run with additional boosters for trade. We would not be able to trade you anything in that case!
  • We run all schedule in Eastern Time for US and European Time for EU. For easier understanding - that’s a common realm time for most of cases.

Uldir normal boost available for WoW EU region including United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar etc.
Feel free to make an order and our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after payment.

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Uldir Normal Boost Vip only


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