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Nighthold full gear farm

Service Description team is ready to farm The Nighthold full gear for you. We can do it in normal [875 ilvl], heroic [890 ilvl] or mythic [905 ilvl] mode. Are you ready for professional boost? Order this service now and you will be among the top geared characters on your server. Feel free to choose best options below, our operators will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase.

Why should I get that?

Here you can buy World of Warcraft TNH EU Nighthold full gear service. Price depends on chosen options (normal, heroic or mythic mode). Extra options (selfplay, 4 tier parts or BiS list) can increase price of carry.

The Nighthold raid full gear boost EU INCLUDES:

– 875+, 890+ or 905+ (depends on option) ilvl TNH FullGear (item of chosen difficulty in every slot).
– 2-7 The Nighthold runs (depends on luck)
– Personal stream of the boosting process.
– 4 achievements from Night Hold wings:
- Arcing Aqueducts
- Royal Athenaeum
- Nightspire
- Betrayer's Rise
– Achievement for defeating Gul’dan if you choose heroic of MythicMode difficulty:
- Cutting Edge: Gul'dan
– 1 more achievement for defeating Gul’dan if you choose MythicMode:
- Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan
-10 achievements for defeating bosses if you choose gearing from MythicMode:
- Skorpyron
- Chronomatic Anomaly
- Trilliax
- Spellblade Aluriel
- Tichondrius
- Krosus
- High Botanist Tel'arn
- Star Augur Etraeus
- Grand Magistrix Elisande
- Gul'dan
The Nighthold raid full gear service EU CONDITIONS:

–25+ man group of professional players in normal and heroic mode, 20man in MythicMode.
–Item of chosen difficulty in every slot. If you wish to add 4/5 tiers please choose «with 4 tier parts» extra option.
–We can farm BiS list (Best in Slot items) if you add «BiS list» option. You will be able to send us your favorite BiS list or we can help you to create it.
–This service is possible in piloted (professional driver play on your char during the boosting) or selfplay way (you play on your character during the boosting). If you wish to play on your character in our raids, please add «Selfplay» option.
–For all piloted services leprestore drivers use VPN matching IP of your location to protect your account.
–We will provide stream of the boosting process (customers nicknames won’t be shown on that stream).
– team never use any kind of third-party software, all our services are done by hands.
The Nighthold raid full gear carry EU REQUIREMENTS:

-110 level character (power leveling boosting can be ordered on our shop).
-No gear requirements, feel free to come in underwear (but just in case, legion gearing boost can be ordered on our shop ).
-In case of account sharing we will only ask for login and password, we don’t need any secret information like secret question/answer, account holder name or password from email account. We guarantee your privacy and safety of your account.
-Europe region (The character should be on WoW EU / euro server).

LOOT DISTRIBUTION POLICY in The Night hold raid full gear EU push:

-We guarantee item of chosen difficulty in every slot for you. To increase gearing speed we may add mythic+ dungeons or TEN MythicMode to this carry without additional payment.
-You will have priority for loot, but we reserve the right to give some items to main raiders if we need it for progression.

WARNING! As Nighthold is not released yet, carry will be started after release.

Mythic is expensive, what is it for?

Maybe customer is a big fan of the game and enjoying mounts for example? In this case you can buy kiljaeden boss kill on Mythic to get your great mount from this mighty demon lord. Finally, our new vehicle can fly, so its efficiency sky high.

Nighthold full gear farm


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