Transmogrification gear farm

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Transmogrification gear farm

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 1 team is ready to farm items for transmogrification for you! Just choose which item or even full set you wish and let us do it fast for you. Don't waste your time to make your character look awesome, let professionals do it for you. Choose options you need, order the service and our operators will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase

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Here you can buy WoW EU (World of Warcraft europe) transmogrification gear boost.
Farm service facts:
-You can choose desired set, weapon or item. Just discuss it with our operators or leave note in order information section.
-Set can include up to 8 item slots.
-We will farm set, weapon or item you need as fast as possible. If it’s possible we will do it with master loot, large raid and spam of runs.
-Time of the boost depends on luck, but we promise to do it as fast as possible.
–This service is possible selfplay or piloted way (piloted way – we play on your character, selfplay way – you play on your character during the boost)
–For all piloted services we use VPN matching IP of your location to protect your account
–If you choose piloted way we will provide stream of boosting process (customers nicknames won’t be shown on stream)
–We never use any kind of third-party software, all our services are done by hands

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