Trial of Valor [mythic mode] lootrun

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Trial of Valor [mythic mode] lootrun

 139 199 team is ready to help you with Trials of Valor raid! 3 new bosses: Odyn, Guarm and Helya with 885-890+ items. Unique achievement and title – The Chosen (for defeating Helya in mythic difficulty). Don't miss your chance to get BiS trinket, relics and other items today 🙂 Just make an order and our opearators will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase.

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Buy WoW Trial of Valor (ToV) boost which icludes:
– Kill of all 3 ToV bosses – Odyn, Guarm and Helya in mythic difficulty which drop 885-890+ ilvl items.
– Unique achievement and title – The Chosen (optionally)
– 3 unique achievements for defeating each boss in mythic difficulty:
– Mythic: Odyn
– Mythic: Guarm
– Mythic: Helya
– 20 man raid with master loot. We will give you all loot for your specialization except relics and offsets. For relics and offsets you will have to roll with other customers. If you want to get relics and offsets without roll you can add “priority of relics” or “priority on offsets” option.
– You can play on your character during the boost if you choose selfplay option. In case of piloted option we will drive your character with personal stream for you. We can use seals of broken fate (double rolls/extra rolls) on the bosses you want.
– We guarantee 2-6 items in different slots from the loot run. If you choose “I don’t need relics” or “I don’t need offsets” option this guarantee will be dropped to 1-5 items in different slots.

– 850+ ilvl gear