8 weeks of ViP care

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8 weeks of ViP care

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Tired of farming? We are ready to help you! Our professional driver will do all routine for 8 weeks for you. He will take care of daily local quests, legion invasions emissary chests; achievements from current events; +15 mythic+ dungeon within the timer every week and dalaran weekly quest. Plus he will raid on you so you will get full Antorus heroic BiS gear. And even more. Every week he will farm all chosen legendary weapons, low drop chance mounts, old transmogrification gear and glories of the raider/hero. Ordering all this services as package you will save ~33% and get personal professional driver for 8 weeks.



This service includes:

-Antorus, the Burning Throne BiS gear
-8 +15 dungeons within the timer (1 per week)
-8 weeks farm of 3 old transmogrifications sets (you choose which sets you want)
-8 weeks farm of 3 low-drop chance mounts (you choose which mounts you want)
-8 weeks farm of Legendary weapons (you choose which weapons you want)
-8 weeks farm of achievements from current game events
-3 glory of the raider/hero (you choose which glories you want)
-everyday farm of weekly quests (with Class Hall resources or artifact power rewards), Legion invasions and emissary chests
-dalaran weekly quest every week

Don’t waste your time for boring farm, just create a list of items and achivements you want and we will take care of it. With this service you don’t need to worry about your daily stuff. If you need some spare time or going to go on vacation – this service created for you! This service available only piloted mode. In this case we always use VPN matching your location to prevent your account from any threats. All services are being done by hands without using any third-party software.
Feel free to make an order and our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after payment.

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