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Legion Arena 3v3

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Leprestore.com team is ready to help you with arena 3v3. Please choose which rating do you need and you will see the price. Service is possible only piloted way (we play on your character). For all piloted services we use VPN matching your location to make it safe for your account, we never use any kind of third-party software, all our services are done by hands. If you wish we can stream boosting process for you.


Product Description

Important information
We can boost arena rating for you and will take all possible measures to protect your account (like VPN to match IP of your city and clear MAC address to make it looks like you play from new PC).
But even with this measures we can’t guarantee for 100% that you won’t be disqualified in the end of season (means that you won’t be banned but won’t get any PvP rewards or achievements) and loose your title. Still, transmogrification for 2000 rating available once obtained and also will be available if your character get disqualified. For now we can boost arena rating with our best efforts to make it safe, but only if you accept risk to be DQed. There is no guarantee of the rewards or title and NO REFUND or reboost will be available once your character match ordered rating in the end of season.

Update 24.04.18 : We know there was a banwave for 1 month about pvp sevices and now we can’t guarantee 100% safety of this product. Proceed with purchase on your own risk only!

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