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Prepare For Dazar’alor Raid

Battle for Dazaralor

Service Description

Greetings! If you are looking for a best deal ever and reading this – you come the right place! team represents outstanding 30 days Get ready for Battle of Dazar'alor package. Here you will find lots of things you need to be ready for new stuff and raid coming soon. 30% discount included!

Why should I get that?

Hello Gamer! On this page you can buy Prepare For Dazar'alor Raid Boost for World of Warcraft EU region.

Prepare For Dazar'alor Raid Boost Includes:

– 36 level for Artifact Necklace. Please check extras above if you already got level 28-30 on your artifact.
– 2 professions on your choice.
– War Campaign in Tides of Vengeance completion. Started in patch 8.1 and will be open part by part till February. It is meta in-game activity requiered to proceed with pathfinder, allied races etc.
– 400 Titan Residuum farm. A great push towards new azerite armor for any character.
For example item level 355 cache costs 15 Titan Residuum. Item level 370 cache costs 50 Titan Residuum. Random item level 385 cache costs 165 Titan Residuum. Looks awesome right?
– Weekly Mythic +15 dungeon completion. For the total amount of 4 runs you will get lots of 370+ item level stuff that will greatly improve your characters' performance.
– Full world quests farm for 30 days. Reputation, resources, loot and gold!
– Weekly expeditions cap.

Extra Options Explanation:

I Got 30 Levels On Artifact - lowering price for half job done.
Add 370 Average Item Level Gear - minimum requirement to get into normal Battle of Dazar'alor raid. We can make it within 30 days in dungeons,raids and any other activities.
Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season One - unique Feat of Strength will be available no more when Battle of Dazar'alor will be released.
Allied Race Unlock - choose allied race and we will unlock it for you. If you need more check our Allied Races section.
Add Heritage Armor For Chosen Race - choose race and we will farm heritage armor set for you. Chosen allied race needs to be unlocked.
Add 300 Warfront Service Medal Farm - provided by lots of new warfront activities. New heirlooms, mounts, toys, transmog, pets and lot more fun stuff.
Add 500 Seafarer’s Dubloon Farm - more mounts, toys, transmog, pets for reworked expeditions. Will be good enough to buy unique Saltwater Seahorse mount.

Service Requirements:

– Battle for Azeroth expansion.
– Maximum level for BFA expansion - 120. If need some check our Leveling section.
– We got no special gear requirements. However, we always can offer some Gearing Service!
– Prepare For Dazar'alor Raid Boost service is possible only in piloted mode (our professional driver will play on your character).

Important Information:

– working with professional boosters providing flexible schedule for your comfort.
– We can offer a livestream for most orders. Please, check availability with our support agents.
– In addition, our teams always making screenshots of the progress. Feel free to ask support agents for any updates!
– Sometimes we need to change your key bindings. But no worries at all. Once our service done we certainly return your keybindings to their original positions.
– You will recieve lots of resources, loot and other things. We will keep them untouched in your inventory, bank or post. In case of insufficient space we will ask you for permission to move your stuff.
– Service takes up to 30 days.

Service Conditions:

– First of all we guarantee completion of any orders. However, most loot and ingame activities based on random and can take more time to complete.
– Also we will never use 3-rd party software, bots or any kind of cheats. Only hand work only hardcore by our best PvE and PvP teams.
– There are many factors that can delay start or increase ETA of your order: during server lags, maintenance, ISP issues etc. Unfortunately, we can't avoid this for 100% but we will do our best to fulfill your order as soon as possible. Hope for your understanding.
– In case of account sharing we need login and pasword only. Also, we will ask for verification code or mobile authentication. We will never ask additional info. Above all, your safety on first place.
– Moreover, our piloted services always safe with VPN matching your current location.

Prepare For Dazar'alor Raid Boost is available for WoW EU region including United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar etc.
Feel free to make an order and our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after payment to clarify details.

Mythic is expensive, what is it for?

Maybe customer is a big fan of the game and enjoying mounts for example? In this case you can buy kiljaeden boss kill on Mythic to get your great mount from this mighty demon lord. Finally, our new vehicle can fly, so its efficiency sky high.

Prepare For Dazar’alor Raid


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