Highmaul (Mythic)

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Highmaul (Mythic)

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Leprestore.com team is ready to help you with Highmaul [mythic mode]. Feel free to choose best option! You can check conditions and rewards below.

    • 50 €
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– 1-7 (depends on option) bosses from Highmaul in  Mythic mode
– All loot for you specialization (3 or more items per full run guaranteed, including warforged items)
– Unique achievements for every Highmaul Mythic boss kill
– 3 unique achievements: The Walled City  Arcane Sanctum.

– Unique title: Empire’s Twilight

– Service is possible with or without account sharing (In case of account sharing we don’t ask for any private information)

– No gear requirements (You can join us even in “green” gear)

– No experience requirements (You don’t have to know tactics and can be dead during boss fights)