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Leprestore.com team is ready to help you with Rated BattleGrounds wins! Drag the sliders to choose how many wins you want. Good opportunity for fast honor/prestige levels, artifact power and even legendary items (!) farm for friendly price. Remember that you can play your character during the boost, but if you wish our team can drive it for you.
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Leprestore.com is famous because of its PvE boosting, but we have amazing feature that everyones would like to order – buy rbg wins on europe servers! Despite that PvP is slowly dying in world of warcraft, it’s still a great source of fun, contest and inspiration, but not the same as it was before. If you tired of regular pvp but still want to get some unique rewards – buy wow rbg wins on EU for best price and enjoy your honor, ap and achievements earnings! By playing on rated battleground, you can earn Fearless Combatant Achievement with amazing Vicious Saddle reward.

Farming Rewards

When you buy rbg wins you are able to get huge amount of AP which makes RBG one of the most valuable sources of artifact power. After completing 40 rated battleground victories you will have a lot of AP farmed, tons of items (legendary has really good chance to drop during the wins farming) and pvp mount on your account! Buy rbg wins for cheapest price on Europe servers and get your boost immediately! Don’t forget that it’s a great source to make yourself prestige level 1 or higher as well!

Do I get rating boost?

When you buy wow rbg wins boost, your rating won’t be moving, since this procedure are going on the lowest possible rating, to find teams and get fastest way to boost. It is completely safe way to get rated bgs victories, but still a lot of customers have doubts. There were no issues during all our working time frame with rbg wins boost on Europe. So the conclusion is that when you order this product on both EU and other server, your rating won’t change at all.

Can I get good loot?

Unfortunately, most of loot you get through rbg wins carry on EU is 840-845 unless you have own rating on decent level (1800 and higher). Since dark times (if we count flawless Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria expansions) all player vs player activity was based on getting honor points and spending them for special and unique gear which had own set under mark ‘A’. In World of Warcraft of Warlords of Draenor we’ve seen whole system undergo massive and fundamental changes that led us to Legion. In Legion we only get items based on our luck, procs and current rating. Still, by purchasing wow rbg wins service on Europe you can get some amazing pieces of gear and even increased chance of receiving your so desired legendary!

What about honor?

When you think about some pvp boosting service, you always try to reach maximum profit from it and it’s quite good tactic. We also provide you honor levels boost on EU and other realms that are mostly made by winning on rated battlegrounds and farming there. In the current add-on honor mostly needed for self-named levels, which allows your character to get new abilities in player vs player combats. There are 46 honor levels needed for completing full talents list. After reaching lvl 50 you get prestige level, after each prestige you receive some significant rewards that are worth trying! Prestige level boost is the most popular PvP feature on Leprestore.


By ordering this product you get:

  • Achievements for Rated Battlegrounds and rewards for them (vicious saddle, titles)
  • Artifact Power in very fast way
  • Tons of gear, most of it isn’t good but some can proc up to 925 itemlevel
  • Chance for legendary piece
  • Honor in big amounts, leading to prestige
  • Fast delivery and cheap price
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