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Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Mode

Buy tomb of Sargeras heroic loot run – best and the most cost-efficient service all around that you can aim to purchase and receive on US servers for reasonable price. You won’t find more qualified and dedicated team on whole US/oceanic realms that is able to do such service from the first day and throughout the whole Legion expansion. By purchasing Tomb of Sargeras heroic loot run Master Loot you ensure yourself minimum amount of items and even drop is so poor that you get less than your guarantee, we will take you on next week to finish the order completely. Would you say that it’s not worth the price?

Why heroic but not lesser difficulty?

Well when we talk about raiding, it’s always a 3 completely different difficulties with their own mechanics, but when you buy tomb of sargeras heroic loot run you will be able to see ‘the real World of Warcraft’ – true hardcore fights, hard focus requirements, big damage void zones etc. Players from US servers initially were the firstborn in this game but after old times we have such different game with slow and patient gameplay until Legion came out. New expansion has brought us completely new gaming experience which you can taste during your tomb of sargeras heroic loot boost run! Epic fights, tricky mechanics, special bosses, hidden abilities and real challenge awaits you during your carry! Seems like World of Warcraft has entered its gold era when everyone can enjoy the game after getting new set of gear with tomb of sargeras heroic run boost.

Loot and everything

When you buy a carry you are always concerned about items you can get from there. ToS heroic mode loot run brings you two option to choose: Personal Loot and Master Loot. PL (you get your drop personally) is one of the most popular services on US (which looks weird to most of the employers due to some reasons) but it has no real guarantee of getting items. Imagine – you pay for a carry and don’t receive gear cause the mode which you have purchased is completely random! Believe me, much better to get Master mode (Drops are random and raid leader distributes items between the raid members) and ensure your drop amount and feel yourself happy right after. Heroic Mode brings us 915-925+ item level gear, which is much more than previous raid instance could bring you on maximum difficulty. While average ilvl on US is lower than across the ocean, it’s one of the best ways to get yourself on top!

Some words about who we are facing

Legion is losing. Armies of a Legionfall winning every fight they start. Demons are losing their positions quite fast and they need to retreat to take their cover under the walls of ancient Tomb, surrounded and breathing by fel and fire. Mighty Kil’jaeden, younger brother of Sargeras, comes to his own relative’s ancient crypt and stands till his death. Will Eredar lord fall and forever leave this story being slayed in Twisting Nether or his death won’t mean a thing, but only a time? We all want to see the big continuation of this epic scenario which developers are giving us piece by piece. We feel that encountering those bosses on HC mode would give us best feelings and will apply great challenge to all heroes.

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