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The most expensive, but the most luxury kind of a product you need is to buy tomb of sargeras mythic loot run. Mythic is called that because of the enormous difficulty players facing during the raid. When you buy tomb of sargeras mythic loot run on US/oceanic servers you always get the best attitude and passion from our shop and raiding group for the most relevant price. This kind of difficulty was introduced into the game in early 2014 during Siege of Orgrimmar but the main rise was during the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Tomb of Sargeras Mythic loot run is the best source of high end game items and experience (when we talk about self play orders), which most of the US players never seeing throughout the whole gaming experience.

Is it really relevant? | buy tomb of sargeras mythicraid

When we speak about this kind of a service there are always a question – is it relevant? Instead of buying tomb of sargeras mythic loot boost run some of the people would mind to get a few heroics and lure out some good procs to highest possible item level for the same or even lower price. But hey, imagine that only 2.5% of the whole World of Warcraft community proceed to Helya and killed her! One month before pre-order of a ToS mythic mode loot run there were only half of a percent players killed M Guldan! Just imagine how big weight of this service and how much opportunities it is creating for you and your character! Tomb of Sargeras mythic mode lootrun boost on US servers is one of best options if your goal – to be among top players in the whole World of Warcraft so not only on US.

What about gear? | tomb of sargeras mythic mode lootrun boost

New raid contains 4 wings, and each of them contains different item level. Gladly, for highest difficulty we have not a big gap, which is pretty uncommon for the Blizzard in the last expansions:

First wing: 930 – 935 ilvl;
Second wing: 930 – 935 ilvl;
Third wing: 935 ilvl;
Fourth wing: 940 ilvl.

So the gap is only in 10 levels and it’s not a lot. Possibility of getting items of the same score as legendaries in 7.2 patch is flawless! But and this is not the end about Mythic raid’s advantages! Don’t forget about newest tier sets which are definitely worth being farmed. The main thing is that we can set up both bonuses from Nighthold and ToS! There would be only 2+4 pieces but still can be mixed and will be looking dope and effective!

Achievements and other stuff | tos mythic mode loot run

When you are logging into armory of some person what is the second thing you check after the gear score? Right, it is progression in the raids. People with cleared last difficulties are respected in the community and pretty rare due to hard times to find raiding guild and even enough time to play and clear the instances. Not even every nerd can afford that but we are happy to help you with your own progression. The second thing is related to mounts. There are two types of mounts you can get in such raiding instances – boss drop and glory reward. Bosses are dropping mounts only on highest difficulty with 100% chance once per kill, so it takes 1 raid to deliver you it while content is actual. After the whole patch becomes older, Blizzard open the cross-realm and next expansion is cutting the possibility of 100% loot chance. Need to be quick to get your own mount before its drop chance will be down to 1-2%.

Last one?

Even though Tomb is not expected to be last instance of the expansion, it’s definitely a big one, no doubt for anyone. First raid to drop flying mount, first one to contain such powerful foe as last boss and good new tier sets! New achievements, transmog. You can’t really skip the whole patch and feel yourself happy with it, don’t you? With leprestore nothing is forgotten, ever.