Antorus heroic loot run

Antorus heroic loot run

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Here you can buy Antorus heroic carry? Kill Argus in heroic difficulty tonight! We have ABT raids almost every day. 11 new bosses, tier 21 sets and 945-955+ loot. Choose best options below and make an order; our support agent will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase.

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Product Description

Here you can buy new WoW 7.3.5 raid – Antorus, the Burning Throne carry in heroic mode. You can choose personal or master loot type.

Buy Antorus carry and receive the following:
– 11/11 bosses in all four wings.
– 945+ ilvl loot

– All achievements for completing raid:
Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker
Forbidden Descent
Hope’s End
Light’s Breach
Seat of the Pantheon

– Chance on getting new legendary trinket which will be the main vector of upgrades during this patch.

We provide closer look to service – buy carry Antorus:
– 20-30 man raid with professional players
– MasterLoot mode rewards at least 7 different and non-similar slots (same items and item types don’t count unless they can be equipped both at the same time – e.g. rings, relics, trinkets). Despite that, you still can get more items when Blizzard are kind and raid receives a ton of loot for your character.
For Personal Loot situations we don’t guarantee any amount of gear from the order. Why? Because this is a random mode, so when you order it, you must assume that you will get only items that dropped for you but not for other carries or raid members. Average amount of drops from personal loot runs with using seals is 2-4. Without is 1-3.
Bonus rolls are included into guaranteed items, but they used (if piloted) only if there are no other drops from the boss. Also, if you don’t want us to use bonus rolls, tell about it. But be aware that it might result into second raid to finish the guarantee.

Buy Antorus the Burning Throne carry and be sure that your character is safe:
We propose two ways of carry – self played and pilot
Self played means that you are operating your character during the run
Piloted version means that our player will take care of playing your character during the execution.
Afraid of safety when picking piloted? No bans for PvE services in case of account sharing since the start of our work. For cases of not trusting – we always use VPN plus possible to set up live streams or screenshots (ask about possibility before the order, if it’s a must for you because not every player is able to do stream).
Full safety is guaranteed and confirmed by hundreds of independent reviews.
Our carries being made only by humans, so no third-party programs, bots or exploits.

Requirements for Antorus the Burning Throne carry
-110 level character
-To earn loot and achievement from boss you need to interact with him – deal damage or die from his damage (basically you just need to cast one spell or do one auto attack to the foe).
-There are no gear requirements to start Heroic Antorus carry in any time after first 3 weeks.
For first 3 weeks you need to have 920+ ilvl character. You can order gearing by clicking this link
Your help is a must when we need to set up piloted service. When you have Authenticator active, you have to tap on phone or provide a code depending on version you have. When you don’t use one, you will receive a confirmation code to your email at time of pilot’s login. Please be cautious: players never ask anything but login and password from your account to start piloted carry.

Antorus heroic carry loot distribution rules:
Guaranteed amount of items – 7 (or 10 with self-named option) from single order for your class and specialization.
Guarantee means that we will fulfill the conditions during next raids for free if items amount is low due to bad luck or poor drops (which happens sometimes and you have to be aware of that).
Choosing any ‘I don’t need’ option reduces your guaranteed amount by 1. Basically, if you get default loot run and choose ‘I don’t need offsets’ – you reduce your guarantee to 6 items from this run, or 9 with ‘10 items guarantee’ option.
Purchasing default master loot run guarantees getting all drops for your armor type (cloth / plate / mail / leather) without roll. All other occasions (trinkets / tiers / relics / offsets) are being rolled between all customers in raid or basically bound to someone with priority already. To get them without roll you need to purchase priorities. No customers with same priorities are placed in the same raid.
In case of Personal loot you simply get all drops that you are receiving by yourself or with seal of broken fate rolls. If you are doing piloted mode, you are free to tell our support agent which bosses you want to be rolled.
We can’t guarantee that every item from the raid will be an upgrade for you. We are not Blizzard and cannot control the loot designed in this single iteration, so we count everything useful matching your specialization that we drop from the raid. So please, don’t try to abuse, bringing overgeared character trying to get only upgrades.

Antorus heroic carry additional options:
4/6 tiers guarantee – your char will 100% receive the four tier set bonus after the completion of your order.
Pretty rare situation when customer gets 4 tier bonus during single run so if you are going to add this bonus option you will definitely get a combination of 4 tokens, granting you powerful bonus
It can be done during single or several raids (depends only on your luck but every next run will be for certain bosses for free until you get your 4/6)
10 slots guarantee also extends your conditions of the run for 30% granting you more unique gear and possibility to be ran several times to get it done (with always different and non-similar slots)

T21 pieces being dropped from the following bosses:
Antoran High Command: Cloak
Essence of Eonar: Chest
Imonar the Soulhunter: Leg Piece
Kin’garoth: Gloves
Coven of Shivarra: Shoulders
Aggramar: Helm

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Anyway, starting from very beginning of a history, we were building our legacy, trust and fame step by step, suffering mistakes, taking risks and doing wrong turns. That’s how big companies were done, huh? Still, after long six years of operating and growing, we are standing where we are now – website with more than 50 orders per day, 6 signed guilds, 600+ pro players and more than 1000 products on sale. Check our store and find something you were searching for so long! And we will do it after you tell your desire to our support agent. Cheers!

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