Glory of the Tomb Raider

Glory of the Tomb Raider

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Do you want to feel like a tomb raider Lara Croft? Join leprestore team and get 9 achievements, “the Tomb Raider” title and battle pet Micronax!

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Product Description

New raid – new achievements – Glory of the Tomb Raider boost

As we all know, at the end of June, 2017 we have received new patch 7.2.5 and fresh raid called Tomb of Sargeras (would be called ToS more frequently below). Glory of the Tomb Raider carry is a new service on US servers and it’s pretty efficient one since it’s always hard to do such big amount of achievements when you don’t have good guild or dozen of friends playing with you. Anyway, the only good thing is that all achievements are being done during ToS runs (if we will look at Legion Raider, there were 3 raids to complete).

Want to get new exclusive title? Buy Glory of the Tomb of Sargeras Raider on US/Oceanic

World of Warcraft is a huge game and everyone knows that – there are big amount of things to do such as raids, pvp, solo performances, pet battles, exploration and so on. Glory of the tomb of sargeras carry (Which isn’t the right name of the achievement, but still people not always precise) will eventually give you a reward with Title ‘The Tomb Raider’ which is an amazing reference to Lara Croft series (best regards to Angelina Jolie). Moreover, for point hunters it’s good source to get another 115 points in their pocket among other cons.

Other reward is looking good? Get glory of the ToS boost for best price on US realms

Second and last reward from this achievement is a little copy of legion ships (such as Sentinax and others) as your new pet companion. So you buy glory of the tos boost and no mount? Yes, it’s true – Blizzard haven’t added a mount due to big release of class campaigns transport.

Glory of the Tomb Raider Service – live on US from second week.

Leprestore is always delivering best quality of service in World of Warcraft boosting. Eventually, after ToS was released we have started to do this product from the second week. Unfortunately, the majority of players are not interested in such big achievement without realm reward, but you always need to keep in mind that this one isn’t easy.

What if I can do it by myself?

Well, encounters are super class specific, so here are a few examples of that:
At least 20 people in raid, not 10 like usual;
Three or more Blood Death Knights with good understanding on Kil’Jaeden for the achievement;
Priest is essential;
Shamans and Demon Hunters must enter a raid for sure;
Some of the damage dealers will be forced to use their off specs on certain bosses.

Not looking easy for someone who really want to get it done as soon as possible and without struggling because of some fails or pugs in group. Leprestore is happy to help you with this case for the most concerned and reasonable price on a whole boosting market.
A few words about that type of service

Glory boosting is still perfect source to get achievement points, mounts, titles and other additional stuff as random bonuses. These glories are always popular and not loosing demand even after ten or more years passed. What if I told you that completing all those glories will reward you more than 1500 points and lots of great stuff which everyone would accept but too lazy to do something to achieve it.

I’ve done a few achievements from the list – what to do?

Our customer support is always happy to work out any possible case so any problem is not a problem. You’ve done something from the whole amount? We just will cut it to reduce the cost for customer and raise efficiency at the same time. Sometimes people want to get only last step and we are glad to help them. Leprestore is aiming to bring WoW boosting to the level of regular social services such as mail, waitress’, cleaning group and so on. If you have some question – don’t hesitate to ask our precious consultants and they are always happy to help anybody.

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