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  • BFA gearing boost

    BFA Fast Gearing

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  • Dazar'alor mythic full gear boost carry
    Sold out

    Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic Fullgear

      • 40 €
        Choose this option to join our best raid team and play on your character during the boost.
      • 50 €
        Choose this option and we will farm exact items you want in each slot.
      • 899 €
        Choose this option to get unique elemental mount before it will be 1% drop chance only.
  • Dazar'alor heroic full gear boost carry
    Sold out

    Battle of Dazar’alor Heroic Full Gear

      • 30 €
        Choose this option to get a run where you play by yourself.
      • 100 €
        If you choose this option, we farm Best in Slot gear for you. You are free to give us your BiS list to farm it, or we can advice you ours. ETA could be doubled due to low dropchances of each item.
      • 80 €
        If you choose this option we will add 2-5 top-geared boosters with your armor type to every raid. They will trade you items and make your gearing x3 faster. But please remember that we still can't guarantee 100% item trade, as it's only begining of content. Some of items (like warforged or titan forged) can be item level upgrades for our raiders, so they won't be able to trade such items due to Blizzard loot trade rules
      • 199 €
        Choose this option to add best in slot Shoulder, Chest and Head pieces in your full gear list!


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