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What You Really Need To Know About The New WoW Allied Races

With the launch of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has introduced a bunch of fascinating allied races (a.k.a. WoW allied races) to the game. The brand new WoW races give you the unique opportunity to play as a Zandalari Troll (although they’re not available yet) or even a Mag’thar Orc, meaning that everyone’s bound to love the WoW new races.
Now, there are a total of 8 Battle for Azeroth subraces – 4 that’ll be exclusive to Alliance players only and 4 that’ll join the Horde. One thing to note is that there are currently only 6 of these WoW subraces available in Battle for Azeroth, due to the fact that Blizzard is planning to add the Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls at a later point in the latest expansion of their most successful franchize.

Battle for Azeroth Allied Races – An Overview Of The 8 Allied Races

There’s no doubt that the 8 WoW new races will play an integral role in this BfA, we’re now going to take a closer look at each and every one of the brand new WoW races, including the particular race and class combinations, racial abilities etc.
The Alliance Allied Races
As previously mentioned, Alliance players currently have access to only 3 of the 4 WoW sub races as the Kul Tiran Humans are yet to be implemented into the game.

Zandalari Trolls

The WoW Zandalari race hails from Zandalar, which is one of the two continents that were introduced in Battle for Azeroth and along with the Kul Tiran Humans, they’re still unavailable as Blizzard hasn’t added them to the game yet. On the outside, they look just like regular Trolls, but with the main difference being the fact that they stand upright.
If you want to take a closer look at all the personalization features, then there are the male and female Zandalari Troll dressing rooms. We now know what the particular mount for these trolls will be and it’s the Zandalari Direhorn, which of course can be used by other races as well.

Kul Tiran Humans

This is one of the two WoW new races that’s still not available as it’ll be released sometime in the later stages of Battle for Azeroth. Logically, Kul Tiran Humans are native to Kul Tiras, which is one of the two new continents in WoW’s latest expansion.
Also, this kind of humans is kind of heavier and more rugged as opposed to their continental counterparts, in terms of looks. You can check all the personalization options in the Kul Tiran male and female dressing rooms respectively.

Void Elves

This new allied Alliance race is pretty much a variation of Blood Elves. However, in order to make Void Elves more distinctive than their Blood Elf cousins, the former have a unique appearance, relying on purple and blue-ish tones as to point at their connection to the Void.
Not only that but to further separate them from other in-game elves, the tips of every Void Elve’s hair are glowing and Blizzard has also added plenty of personalization options. What this means is that you can choose between lots of hairstyles, facial attributes and even accessories like earrings for both the male and female variations of Void Elves WoW that you can tweak as much as you want in the Void Elf dressing room. Last but not least, the starting zone of Void Elves is the Telogrus Rift, their Heritage Armor is the Ren’dorei set and the specific mount for VEs is the Starcursed Voidstrider, although it can be used by other races as well.

Lightforged Draenei

What we have here is somewhat of an alternative version of the regular Draenei, but with the addition of tattoos and a more light-infused appearance. This is one of the new sub races WoW with a more distinctive approach because apart from a variety of customization options, you can also choose between a unique set of tattoos for your Lightforged Draenei that you can check in the LD dressing room.
In terms of playable classes, those of you who might opt to play as Lightforged Draenei will have slightly limited choices since it’s all about keeping up with the World of Warcraft lore in BfA. The starting zone for every LD is The Vindicaar and their Heritage Armor is the Lightforged Armor set. As for the particular mount for Lightforged Draenei, it’s the Lightforged Felcrusher (can be used by other races).

Dark Iron Dwarves

Dark Iron Dwarves have been part of the WoW universe every since the glorious vanilla days and now they’ve finally made their way as part of the new World of Warcraft new races in BfA. It’s crystal clear why Blizzard have brought this kind of dwarves as a playable race, because there’s a strong sense of nostalgia attached to them, especially for those of us who spent many hours on end, doing the various dungeons in Blackrock Mountain.
On the outside, every Dark Iron Dwarf looks exactly like the NPC models that we’re all used to seeing already in WoW. Apart from various customization aspects available in the Dark Iron Dwarf dressing room, arguably the most intriguing one is the list of facial tattoos that you can choose from. And DI dwarves starting location is Shadowforge City, their Heritage Armor is the Dark Iron Items and the unique mount that they have is Dark Iron Core Hound that other races can use as well.


The Nightborne are the first of the Battle for Azeroth new races for Horde players and they appear as a darker or shadowy version of good old Night Elves. But thanks to a bunch of cool customizations on display such as body tattoos, they’re quite distinctive. You can play around with the style and looks of your Nightborne in the specific dressing room.
Interestingly enough, just like their NE counterparts, Nightborne can be played with a variety of classes. The starting place for this race is The Nighthold, their Heritage Armor is named the Shal’dorei.

Highmountain Tauren

This is the second of the WoW Battle for Azeroth new races on the Horde side and essentially, they’re a more primal version of the regular Tauren that we’re all familiar with.
And as you might imagine, there are several distinctive features such as the antlers (instead of horns) and tattoos that have three color variations – blue, red and green. As for personalizing your very own Tauren, the Highmountain Tauren dressing room is where you’ll be able to tweak and customize the looks of your character.
Now, Highmountain Tauren start in a zone named the Thunder Totem, the specific Heritage Armor that they have is the Highmountain Armor Set and the HT mount (that other races can use too) is called the Highmountain Thunderhoof.

Mag’thar Orcs

This type of orcs resemble the pure Orc tribes that we’re familiar with from Draenor. When it comes to looks, perhaps their most distinctive trait is the fact that male Mag’thar orcs can use an upright posture, giving them a human-like appearance. You can play around with that and many more personalization options in the Mag’thar male and female dressing room.
Now, all of you who fancy playing as a Mag’thar orc will be delighted to find that this race is available in seven classes.
Lastly, the particular Heritage Armor for Mag’thar Orcs is called the Warsong Clan items, while mount that they get is the cool Mag’thar Direwolf that’s also not restricted to this race.


It’s obvious that the addition of the allied races to WoW has been a great move by Blizzard and it’s safe to say that they really spice up the gameplay. And if you’ve been wondering what these races are, what their unique traits are and how to unlock them, then you now have an answer to all your questions.
And if you’re struggling to unlock the awesome allied races or if you just don’t have the time to bother with farming the needed reputation etc., then make sure to check our affordable BfA allied races boost, so that we may do all the hard work for you and all that’ll be left for you would be to enjoy the fascinating new races!

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