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Antorus raid

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This is the main page where you can buy Antorus raid loot boost. This page contains everything regarding the last raid instance in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion. Leprestore is the best place where you can buy Antorus raid loot boost for both EU and US realms. Anyway, let’s proceed to the actual description of our top notch service!

Antorus boost page is containing every single service we provide regarding the Burning Throne zone. So here you can make a purchase of gearing, glory achievement, every difficulty of Antorus and Argus Kill. The best decision of cost-efficiency is to buy heroic Antorus boost, which is the middle between highest and lowest difficulty, bringing almost end-game gear and great experience! Acquiring loot from those last Legion bosses is the huge reason to buy normal Antorus raid. Looking For Raid is not really showing you full power and the variety of mechanics invented by Blizzard to create a new challenge for those thirsty gamers!

New raid – new rules and higher item level! Antorus boost will brought you amazing gear depending on the purchase:
Normal – 930-940+
Heroic – 945-955+
Mythic – 960 – 970+

Buy the burning throne carry on heroic difficulty and receive a clashing and stunning performance by one of the best US and EU servers’ guilds brought by Leprestore LLC. Our raiders are high-skilled top notch performers and you definitely can see their power if you buy the burning throne raid loot service. Wanted to get a raid with Exorsus, or maybe finally find friendly and helping people on US realms? Just use your opportunity here and now!

Most of our carries are happening during daytime and evening, so schedule is not containing morning runs. Buy Antorus raid and you can selfplay during the prime time, with free spots almost everyday! But you always need to keep in mind that we have a lot of customers, so might not have slot for today or tomorrow. In that cause you can buy the burning throne loot boost and book your spot in our schedule, provided by our consultant through live chat. Our consultants are professional and always glad to help you with your choice.

The most desired but yet most rare and expensive service – buy mythic Antorus. Highest item level you can get without titanforged and warforged items. The most challenging and insane encounters. Level, which only 2% of guilds are able to achieve and kill last boss. Buy Antorus raid loot boost on mythic as a preorder and start being geared as soon as our best guild is finished with fallen titan Argus. Remember, only a very little percent of players are able to achieve that, wasting several months of their lives.

Also, if you buy Antorus raid on mythic, you have a chance on getting extremely rare weapons from Aggramar and Argus the Unmaker, which are completely similar by chance to super unique shoulderplates from Xavius and Garrosh Hellscream in Emerald Nightmare and Siege of Orgrimmar respectively. Buy the burning throne carry using Leprestore and join thousands of happy consistent customers which are using the store for their smooth gaming experience.

Leprestore – a store created by World Of Wacraft fans for World of Warcraft fans. We always aim to make stunning performance for our customers, making them use only our company. Leprestore has deep loyalty system and even a self-named discount codes for VIP clients. Let us make the website your new guide in the dangerous and cruel world of the biggest MMO RPG on Earth.

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