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Emerald Nightmare boost

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Sort By team proudly presents you The Emerald Nightmare boost feature. The Emerald Nightmare (often referred as TEN) is a new raid introduced as opening raid of World of Warcraft: Legion. The raid consists of only seven bosses which drop non-tier items.
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Many of the bosses of new The Emerald Nightmare raid are well-known iconic personalities from World of Warcraft history. The most known bosses are Cenarius, Xavius and Ursoc. If you buy TEN WoW boost, then you’ll have the opportunity to beat legendary personalities from brand new raid instance.

New raid is challenging but drops best item level slots that could be attained during the 7.0 and 7.1 Legion patches. The next step is the Nighthold which will be added only in January during 7.2 patch launch. Until then TEN WoW boost is the best way to quickly receive best gear for your character.

Gear and items

By visiting our website you can get an Emerald Nightmare boost very quickly. can offer all three levels of difficulty: Normal, Heroic and Mythic. There is a huge gap between those 3 difficulties. But the harder it is, the better items to drop. After 7.0 prepatch invention, all items acquired during The Emerald Nightmare, can proc through to 895 item level. But there is some explanation behind item drops from very first raid of a new expansion:

Buy Emerald nightmare boost

  • If you buy Emerald nightmare boost on Normal difficulty, you’ll be allowed to earn 850+ pieces of gear with very small chance of getting 885+ items and legendaries.
  • TEN Boosting on Heroic difficulty allows you to earn 865+ pieces of gear with intermediate chance of getting 885+ items and legendaries.
  • Purchasing Emerald Nightmare boost on Mythic difficulty allows you to earn 880+ pieces of gear with very high chance of getting 885+ items and legendaries.

Even after releasing Trial of Valor, The Emerald Nightmare WoW Boost still remains very popular product due to item level cap being unchanged. Only Nighthold can change stuff.

New players often look up for an emerald nightmare boost not only because of high ilvl items. Only here you can have increased chance of getting legendaries. Droprate is increasing on level of difficulty. So the best way of getting legendaries is to kill raid bosses.

Items obtained in a raid also work pretty good in PvP matches: you can impress your enemies with extra amount of HP and world arena will become a feast for your character. Days when PvP was completely separated from PvE are not officially forgotten.

Order placing

You can buy The Emerald Nightmare boost for US or EU servers. Our raiders are the best professionals from Europe, Russia and Ukraine that are playing both servers. Usual TEN run takes up from 1 to 3 hours depending on difficulty chosen. Reminder: if you want to buy WoW Emerald Nightmare Boost on Mythic difficulty, you would need to transfer to our guild’s server and sometimes to change a faction.

After making a decision, you can make a direct order through cart and checkout system or after conversation with our consultant. Right after order is placed and payment went through, our customer service will contact you in a moment.

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