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Nighthold Mythic Mode

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Courage, glory, dedication, honor and passion – those words are describing Mythic raider, so buy Mythic Nighthold Boost and feel yourself among those brave warriors of World of Warcraft. Mythic is the youngest ever difficulty (alongside with most recent one – plus) in WoW which was created after merging the ten men and twenty five men raids. The result of this merge was new twenty men raid difficulty which no one can uprise so buy Mythic Nighthold Raid Boost and get your slot as soon as possible. Remember, on Europe Servers the amount of possible carries is limited by stable slots count. Leprestore will help you with your 905+ epic gear after you buy nighthold mythic boost in our store for really reasonable price.

Progression notes

During the release of The Nighthold world have seen how amazing Blizzard were working on the upcoming chapter of World of Warcraft Legion history. Even heroic difficulty was challenging, that’s why Nighthold Mythic Raid boost was delayed for obvious reasons – guilds on Europe needed to prepare for full clears. For example, during first day after release of Nighthold only one guild was able to kill Gul’Dan – final boss of Suramar fortress on available difficulty after few hours of wipes by main roster. WoW Nighthold Mythic Boost on EU allows you to stand among the first in the world who got the opportunity since new raid instance is challenging and rough on maximum available difficulty. Estimated time on clearing Mythic by farm guilds is 3-5 weeks. After this, TNH Mythic Boost would be available for momentum purchase, because it is still a pre-order even on Europe.

Excellent rewards

Unlike shady and obscure Emerald Nightmare, Nighthold has brought us a lot new stuff to acquire while clearing it on all difficulties. Nighthold Mythic Boost not only brings you some unbelieveable 905-925 pieces from bosses, but it is also a source and another way for a new achievement cluster. WoW always been a game about mounts and equipment, so now we have raid in Legion that brings us both of it! Buy Nighthold mythic carry with additional options and get amazing new mounts, epic achievements, Ahead of the Curve Feat of Strength and a lot more unique stuff on EU for the cheapest price from Leprestore! Nonetheless, most of the players are aiming for gearing their lovely characters, so Mythic can offer 905 and higher epic equipment that has amazing stats and great cost-efficiency. Besides, we still have Tier set parts dropped with increased ilvl and Trinkets with some insane procs!

Do I have to change realm?

After releasing the new format of the raid, Blizzard also removed the restrictions on clearing actual content on HM but added new rules for recent higher one. To order any sort of Nighthold clear at time of actual content (before 7.2 patch and Tomb of Sargeras go live) customer will need a procedure called realm transfer. Main rule of Myth difficulty – twenty players from the same realm, which sometimes makes customers doubt about worth of the carry. To clarify everything – by changing realms, you still would be able to have any activity with your friends (All PvP, all 5 people dungeons and raids of lower difficulty). After content becomes outdated (so next patch releases) Blizzard allows players to have cross-realm even on Myth raids (only old or outdated contents). Trial of Valor and Emerald Nightmare now are cross-server and available for clear from everywhere.

So tell me full deal

By ordering any M Nighthold boost service you are granting yourself unique rewards such as: 905-925 epic items, chances on Legendary slot, two infernal mounts, new achievements, tier transmog and many many other things that are covered in shadows as long as you are not going to grab it.

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