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The Nighthold Normal

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By the way, If you need the most current raid – check out Ny’alotha Raid Boost Services proudly presents you new feature with 7.1.5 patch coming up – Normal Nighthold boost. This raid is completely brand new and have never been used in the World of Warcraft before January 18th of 2017 on Europe servers. So when you buy normal nighthold boost, be prepared for incredible experience alongside catching plot around story of the Suramar in WoW. There are several unknown characters for us (it’s always goes with the same direction) but some of raid bosses are famous and recognizable persons! So buy normal Nighthold raid boost and enjoy the return of Tichondrius and epic battle with Gul’Dan and his servants. NH consists of 10 bosses: Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax, Star Augur Etraeus, High Botanist Tel’Arn, Spellblade Aluriel, Krosus, Tichondrius, Elisande, Gul’Dan.

Item level upgrade

In World of Warcraft every new patch means the upgrade of current maximum item level which reasonably includes the upgrade for average item level as well. If you buy nighthold normal boost it means that you will get enhanced items up to 875 ilvl. For example, average items from Emerald Nightmare Normal were 850, from Trial of Valor – 855. Just imagine – you buy nighthold normal carry and get gear slightly lesser ilvl than Mythic difficulty on Emerald Nightmare. WoW is becoming much more entertaining with new raids coming in, but it’s always nice to get new items, especially when they are almost equal to previous ones.

Tiers and more back!

Another reason to get nighthold normal raid boost is the return of Tier 19 into the game! In every expansion last few years we had first raid as warm up, but now we got even two. EN NM or ToV NM – no tier sets, low amount of bosses, bad stats distribution on gear etc while WoW Nighthold Normal Boost is a source of tiers for anyone (alongside decent gear dropping from there, which can help you upgrading your character without getting high ilvl). Unfortunately, no mount or special achievement on this difficulty, as always. Still, let’s look on what comes up with TNH Normal Boost:

  • 875+ gear from ten bosses, the best ones are from the end of Suramar raid;
  • Tier 19 parts with increased total amount from 5 to 6 and amazing bonuses (Gul’Dan – Legs, Elisande – Helm, Trilliax – Cloak, Tichondrius – Shoulders, Star Augur Etraeus – Gloves);
  • Brand new trinkets that will blow your dps/hps/tanking potential to unbelieveable height;
  • Possibility of dropping an extra rare mount, Living Hellfire Core (any difficulty except Looking for Raid).


TNH (the abbreviation of The Nighthold) is coming up with Blizzard is increasing the raids difficulty. Talking about Europe – those changes won’t really differ as players here are often much more dedicated and professionally. So if you are looking for tnh normal boost on EU, it’s available on first day after release date – Wednesday, 18th of January for reasonable and cheap price. Have to say, for other difficulties the situation looks a bit different but not critical (HC available on the end of first week, only Mythic will take much to clear and start to farm).

What is the story?

Gear is about to how to play, so let’s talk about what to play! Players are heading to the fortress in the heart of Suramar, capital of the Nightfallen, elder elves nation. The leader of an ancient nation, Elisande, signed a pact with Legion’s emissar, Gul’Dan. Means, that Nightfallen now are acolytes of the demons, protecting the powerful artifact from heroes. The army from Twisting Nether is guided by Tichondrius, fallen Dread Lord, who now recovered after his death during Third War. The last boss is finally Gul’Dan, but before we can kill this tricky orc, we need to clear all bosses including Tichondrius and Elisande.

Leprestore is always ready to help you with picking up your Nigthold Normal boost for fair and reasonable price on Europe or another server. Our services are available on EU and US (including Oceania, Australia, Latin America and Brazil) servers.

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