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Brand new Raid

New 2017 Year is starting with amazing news for all world players. Right from the first month of an upcoming year we will have new The Nighthold WoW raid dungeon. This raid was introduced from the very beginning of alpha of the Legion, so everyone knew that it would be opening in the sequence after the Emerald Nightmare. But we were wrong a bit, because between EN and TN raids Blizzard launched ToV to shuffle players’ experience and expectations. By the way, If you need the most current raid – check out Ny’alotha Raid Boost Services

If you came here to buy The Nighthold services, you are in the right place, Sir! But first, let’s take a look on the raid because it contains a lot of interested things, including first Legion raid mount. Among default changes like increasing the gear item level, introducing another Tier tokens, Blizzard worked a lot on the balance. It means that The Nighthold boost is needed thing if you want to continue progressing without a guild. LFG groups are looking much less attractive after looking at beta encounters

New faces?

Let’s dive into the raid and look at it more closely. Unlike Emerald Nightmare, The Nighthold contains more bosses and there are much more unknown names for us. For example, we only seeing three familiar names in this raid – Elisande, the Grand Magistrix (even added recently, she is recognized by anyone right now); Tichondrius, the Dread Lord Commander (We have seen him being slain by Illidan during Third War, but now fel leader is back from the depths of Twisting Nether, remaining very powerful foe); Gul’Dan, Lord of the Shadow Council (It’s been a long time, huh?). Other bosses are the following: Skorpyron (giant armored mana scorpid), Krosus (giant doom lord standing between the Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras, actually really similar to Kologarn), Chronomatic Anomaly (the quintessence of ancient mana), High Botanist Tel’arn (looking exactly like Nightfallen Botani), Spellblade Aluriel (the first and the greatest magic apprentice), Trillax (the mighty construct) and Star Augur Etraeus (mana-empowered mystical mage). The Nighthold boosting service gonna be interesting!

Worth being boosted through? Definitely yes

Let’s get down to the items, which are the most interesting part of our The Nighthold WoW boosting service. Unlike The Emerald Nightmare, we will see our long-expected Tier 19 with some unique and extremely efficient mechanics. During last raids we were unable to get any tokens of Tier 19 and gear was kinda unbalanced. In the Nighthold stats are much better and set parts are essential to acquire.

Second main thing in The Nighthold boost is the item being increased by big numbers according to first two raids:
Looking for Raid system: 835 EN -> 840 ToV -> 850 NH
Normal difficulty: 850 EN -> 855 ToV -> 875 NH
Heroic difficulty: 865 EN -> 870 ToV -> 890 NH
Mythic difficulty: 880 EN -> 885 ToV -> 905 NH
That looks fantastic! Be sure than if you buy WoW The Nighthold boost you will get some spectacular gear and your character will be improved a lot.

New mounts and Xmog

Third thing is the two completely new and unique mounts – Living Infernal Core and Fiendish Hellfire Core. Both of them will be dropped by Gul’Dan. Infernal Core will be rare drop on ANY difficulty except LFR while Hellfire Core would be similar to all previous last-boss mounts, having 100% drop on Mythic kill before the next content releases. It means that you can buy The Nighthold boost not only for items, but for amazing mounts that are going to be rare if difficulty of a raid dungeon won’t change.

Another amazing thing in Tier sets is their appearance! Those items not only great for your spec, DPS/HPS/Absorbing but helps you to look with style. Ordering The Nighthold carry will allow you to have new appearances not only for the character, but for Artifact weapon too! Quest Balance of Power which is essential for hidden unique artifact appearance ends here, under the shining of Suramar.

Progression race and who will be the first?
As you can see, we have a lot of options to order for Nighthold boosting, but there are always the most desired thing to acquire – Mythic raids. Let’s get down into recent activities in the ‘Big guys WoW’. Emerald Nightmare releases, 17 hours and russian guild called Exorsus first time in their history claims the world lead. Method and Serenity are to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. Raid wasn’t hard at all, that’s why Leprestore could afford offering Heroics during first week and Mythic less than month after the release. Well, that’s history now

Trial of Valor releases with Blizzard saying this raid gonna be tough. And it was, definitely. World first kill of Helya was made by Method Guild on 3rd days of a race. Well played, Method! Serenity claimed second place, Exorsus was placed last in podium. From Scratch and Limit placed next places respectively. We would not discuss the following ban, just to say that this raid was much more harder to complete and Mythic sells started only 1.5 month after first clear.

What can we expect from Nighthold? No one can say it right now, because even on Heroic difficulty Gul’Dan is really and really hard to kill. But in one thing you can be sure – TN boost will be the most popular and best way to gear up your character to high-end content.

Unless… Blizzard must improve Mythic+ to match Nighthold item level on higher difficulties. But that’s another completely different story.

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