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Pantheon's Trinkets Farm


Buy Pantheon’s trinkets carry for US servers. This epic trinkets have ~5% drop chance from last legion boss – Argus the Unmaker and drops personally to random player in all 3 modes (normal, heroic and mythic). Also they can be upgraded from 940 to 1000 ilvl with Pantheon’s Blessing item (+5 ilvls per week). Just choose for which class you want Pantheon trinket and we will start farming it for you tonight!

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Choose trinket type: Aggramar's Conviction (for tanks), Eonar's Compassion (for healers), Golganneth's Vitality (for agility DPS), Khaz'goroth's Courage (for strength DPS), Norgannon's Prowess (for spell DPS) and make an order. Our support agent will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase.

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