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Gladiator Rating

Start: team is ready to help you with Gladiator achievement and title. This title has been added many years ago, but it’s still very rare.

Only top 0.5% of players will get this title at the end of season.

Includes:- 5-6 achievements up to


 Three’s Company: 2400 or
 Three’s Company: 2700 or
 – unique Feat of Strength


title and achievement in the end of season
 Vindictive Gladiator’s Storm Dragon
Inline custom
content here
Important information We can boost gladiator for you and will take all possible measures to protect your account (like VPN to match IP of your city and clear MAC address to make it looks like you play from new PC). But even with this measures we can't guarantee for 100% that you won't be disqualified in the end of season (means that you won't be banned but won't get any rewards or achievements) and loose your title. For now we can boost gladiator rating with our best efforts to make it safe, but only if you accept risk to be DQed. Please keep in mind that the price is for top 0,5% rating in the 3v3 ladder (the main requirement for gladiators). There is no guarantee of the gladiator title and NO REFUND or reboost will be available once your character match gladiator rating in the end of season.What is arena Gladiator title? Arena Gladiator carry focuses on boosting your arena rating until you acquire the Gladiator title. Top 0.5% of arena ladder can get the Gladiator title and get all rewards. Reaching this title is very difficult because you are literally competing with the best arena players in Us region.What rewards I get from Gladiator carry? Gladiator title provides following rewards: - Once you have reached the title of Gladiator you have permanently unlocked the Gladiator achievement. - You get a Feat of Strength matching the season in which you achieved Gladiator. - More titles: Duelist, Rival and Challenger. When reached Gladiator you will jump above all the previous stages and titles! - A rare and unique mount available for Gladiators only.How does Gladiator carry work? Since rating needed for gladiator is changing every day, our team will keep it at 0.5% of ladder till the end of season, so you will be able to get achievement and title.How long does it take to complete service? Entire service will take whole PvP season. It is important to mention that the earlier order - the more chances to get title. All late orders will be canceled. We need at least 4 weeks to get gladiator rating so hurry up!Is it possible to make service selfplay? No. This service available only piloted mode (we play on your character). In this case we always use VPN matching your location to prevent your account from any threats. All services are being done by hands without using any third-party software.

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