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Trial of Valor

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Buy Trial of Valor raid carries at We offer transmogrification runs for the best price. Fast start, safety guarantee.

Last major update was made prior to the Blizzcon with addition of a new raid in WoW – Trial of Valor. This raid can be considered as filler raid (we had a lot of raids like this in Warcraft history – Trial of a Crusader, The Ruby Sanctum etc.). This means that Trial of Valor wow boost is a newcomer but popular thing, to fill a gap between The Emerald Nightmare carry and Nighthold carry.

What is Trial of Valor and why it was introduced?

The main idea of a raid is to throw out some hardcore content before next major content update that will bring us everything we desire – new tier, mount, amazing transmogrification sets and new big raid called Nighthold. The main lore of an instance is about Odyn versus Helya rivalry which lasts through thousands of years. Heroes are landing into the north-east of Stormheim to attack and defeat Helya.

So, Trial of Valor contains 3 bosses – Odyn, Guarm and Helya. Also raid is often referred as ToV.
When you buy Trial of Valor wow boost, you will start from the first obss of the raid – Odyn. Same situation as in Halls of Valor – he is testing the heroes to pick up best among them. Best champions will fight their way through hundreds of Helya’s forses to kill her first Lieutenant, Guarm. First boss is not that hard as other two, but he contains some tasty slices of gear.

Second major threat to raid is Guarm, 3-headed creature that will fight to it’s death covering the entrance to it’s owner. This boss on Mythic difficulty is very hard and requires much more teamplay, than other bosses. But we will talk about difficulties a bit later. Purchasing ToV WoW Boost on Mythic allows you to pass through Guarm without painful wipes and time wasting.

The last boss that you will defeat if you place an order of Trial of Valor wow carry is Helya. On Mythic difficulty this boss is insane and really challenging for best guilds in the world. For example, if Emerald Nightmare was cleared in first day of Mythic difficulty, Helya took up to 1000 tries of best players. Nonetheless, Helya is the last boss of ToV that drops amazing pieces and gives you a ‘Ahead of the Curve’ title.

Insane and difficult

The raid was released 9th of November in Europe and day earlier in the U.S. First guild to kill Helya on Mythic difficulty was Method, claiming their worldwide leadership again after disaster in previous raid, where russian guild Exorsus took over the progress lead. The second place was given to Serenity, guild, that continues to pursue its efforts to become a progress leader. Those two guilds were ahead for a ~10 days cause 3 next ones were banned for abusing some exploits during the fight with Helya.

Raid has major difficulty, that’s why you really can consider to buy ToV WoW Boost. Even if raid contains only 3 bosses, it’s still means that you can earn some good items for your character. The main idea of the raid was to introduce some new mechanics with good rewards for overpassing them.

Why I should buy it instead of Emerald Nightmare?

What is the reason to buy Trial of Valor WoW carry? First of all, if you are active player and prefer experience gain from raids, you should totally try yourself in that awesome raid. But the main reason is new relics, good gear with balanced stats and so on. By purchasing Trial of Valor carry with Master Loot you are granting yourself 2 or 4 guaranteed items from raid which is spectacular count from 3 bosses only.

The gear ilvl was increased in ToV too. Buy Trial of Valor boost and receive increased item level on your gear! All numbers are increased by 5 from Emerald Nightmare gearing:
*Looking for Raid: 840+
*Normal: 855+
*Heroic: 870+
*Mythic: 885+

It’s very entertaining, because Mythic difficulty of Trial of Valor is the best World of Warcraft gear boost right now. Items are 885+ ilvl and can still proc to 895. Unfortunately, 900 item level will be reached only when Nighthold releases.

Leprestore is the first to sell full Mythic boost

Since Mythic was only recently conquered by best guilds, sales are starting only after month of the raid’s release. Still no self play available for most of the runs because this raid is intended to teach players how to work as a big team. For fresh or ungeared characters this raid will be closed for next few weeks as well. You are able to purchase Trial of Valor boost on Mythic difficulty only if your character is really can deal some awesome damage, has amazing tanking capacity or overwhelming heal potential… Otherwise, even best players in the world won’t be able to kill Helya without 20 well-geared characters.

To make the raid even more challenging, Blizzard created new achievement called ‘The Chosen’, which grants you self named title. To complete the achievement you need to stay alive for a whole Trial of Valor. One death cuts your buff ‘Test of the Chosen’ and doesn’t allow you to grant this spectacular achievement. This achievement is a big tribute to same Wrath of the Lich king times achievements from Naxxramas – ‘The Insane’ and ‘The Immortal’.

Right now we are not selling this achievement due to situation where even best guilds didn’t complete it yet. With all predictions, the title will be available for purchasing only after Nighthold release and mostly in Piloted version, cause it’s much more tough to complete this achievement with self play customer. So if you are willing to buy The Chosen title wow, you should wait until the end of January or the start of February.

Still Doubt?

Heroic Trial of Valor is the only source to get stable and balanced 870 gear. If we match it with Heroic EN gear, you’ll see how much better secondary stats are in ToV. Mythic difficulty of ToV offers us amazing 885 pieces and titles that will be acquired only by few percents of active players worldwide. If you are struggling to improve your gear and still don’t want to have problems with realm transfer for Mythic raid – ToV Heroic is best raid option for your character at this moment. team is always ready to take your order and give you opportunity to become one of the best players without investing thousands of hours into the annoying farm and grinding.

Leprestore is the first worldwide shop to sell Mythic Trial of Valor carry, so feel free to be among discoverers of this new raid on maximum presented difficulty for really reasonable pricing. Come back at January to grab your ‘The Chosen’ title first!

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