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Uldir raid

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  • Uldir carry

    Uldir main

      • 9 $
        Choose this option to get runs where you play by yourself
      • 239 $
        If you choose this option we will farm Best in Slot gear for you. Are are free to give as your own BiS list or we can advice you ours.
      • 129 $
        If you choose this option we will add 2-5 top-geared boosters with your armor type to every raid. They will trade you items and make your gearing x3 faster.
  • Glory of the Uldir Raider carry

    Uldir Raider Glory Carry

      • 9 $
        If you choose this option you will be able to play your character during the boost


Uldir Boost Description
The time has come and Battle for Azeroth is here! proudly presents set of products which we are providing for Uldir raid content.

On this page you can order next products list related to first ever Battle for Azeroth Raid: Ghuun Kill, Normal Loot Run, Heroic Loot Run, Mythic Loot Run, Glory of the Uldir Raider.
Product Description
Raids are essential part of the MMORPG games from very beginning. As the best game of the genre, World of Warcraft is based on this type of classic content from Vanilla times. Without gear acquired in 20-30 people instances you can’t achieve 100% efficiency of your character.

In Battle for Azeroth Blizzard have removed Master Loot system, so all raids from now on would be possible to perform only in Personal Loot mode. Due to this restriction, first 3-4 weeks after the launch we can not provide item trade options, which is added only when teams are ready to trade items. Via in game conditions player can’t trade item if it’s higher than equipped or same slot in bag.

Ghuun Kill – on this page you can order your boost for last boss of the Uldir, Halls of Control on all three difficulties. Heroic difficulty gives you Ahead of the Curve achievement. Mythic Difficulty grants you Cutting Edge achievement and previous tier if you haven’t completed it.
Normal Loot Run provides you possibility of ordering full clear of all 8 bosses in self-named mode. You will receive all achievements for each quarter of Uldir, Halls of Control.
Heroic Loot Run provides you possibility of ordering full clear of all 8 bosses in self-named mode. Aside of the loot, you will have achievements for Normal (in case if you haven’t completed yet) and Ahead of the Curve.
Mythic Loot Run gives you opportunity to clear hardest difficulty of WoW-Uldir with best worldwide teams and get Cutting Edge achievement for Ghuun. In addition, you will receive all achievements for Mythic bosses.
Glory of the Uldir Raider – order a traditional achievements list for a raid with nice reward – Bloodgorged Crawg mount.

Important note: WoW-Uldir goes live on 4th September on US realms and 5th September on EU realms. Loot trade options will be available from the end of September.
Extra Options

Self play option means that you will play your character during your run.
Piloted option means that we will play on your character during the run. All piloted runs are performed with VPN.
Ordering Normal Loot Run, Heroic Loot Run and Mythic Loot Run without any additional options gives you 8/8 clear in Personal Loot Mode without any items traded.
Add Extra Boosters checkbox provides you amount of several boosters that will trade you items during the run.
Items guarantee checkbox provides you minimum guarantee of gear pieces received from the run.

Information that is important to know

Raid launch is planned on 4th/5th September on US/EU respectively. All orders before that date are considered as pre-orders with additional bonuses on purchase.
Glory of the Uldir Raider boosts will start approximately on 2nd-3rd week after the raid release.
Mythic Loot Run is also a pre-order for one more week since teams need an additional week to clear it and set up runs for a regular basis. Carry is possible ONLY on the same realm with the guild performing the boost. Be sure that you are ready for transferring your character to our realm and possible faction change.
Cross-realm option becomes available after 100 guilds cleared Mythic raid.
Normal Loot Run provides you 350+ items.
Heroic Loot Run gives you 365+ item level of gear.
Orders with extra boosters option would be performed on 3rd or 4th reset after the launch. We need some time to gear up our raiders so they can trade loot.
Personal Loot Run without options is NOT giving you any items guarantee. Check additional options to increase the effectiveness of your purchase.
All additional information about each product conditions can be found inside each product.
Glory of the Uldir Raider is not a loot run, so there are additional options for loot.
Ghuun Kill is giving you only last boss kill! No other bosses are included into this product.
We are not using any kind of third-party software for piloted boosts. Everything is being done by hands.


120 level is required for any of the listed products.
No gear requirements
We require clear save for all loot runs if your target is to get items. If you already cleared difficulty by yourself, you are not eligible to get any loot except bonus rolls.
We may use some of your gold for repairs and alchemy needs (flasks, pots, food, etc).
Glory of the Uldir Raider Achievements are account-wide so we may use several characters for it.
For selfplay boosts we will need you to be online on the time of the raid.
If you miss the scheduled raid time (and asking about the cancellation) and or canceling the boost less than 24 hours before the run time, refund only possible with 50% of the full sum.
Glory of the Uldir Raider is not requiring you to have clear run save. You can order a Normal Loot Run or complete it by yourself before the estimated date.
We don’t ask anything aside login details which are email and password for your account in piloted boosts.
Removing your authenticator is making account share easier for boosters and allowing you to not be online at the raid time.

Are your searching for Uldir, Halls of Control guide?
Many of us used to be hardcore players in the past. But as live continues we could be short on time to play World of Warcraft 12 hours a day. Some of us have family and children now or maybe got promoted at work. And now when it’s perfect moment to join Uldir, Halls of Сontrol in the mythic difficulty you could think about coming back in hardcore gaming. Of course you can search for Uldir mythic guide and try many groups from your server. But let’s face it. Even if you are good player, you still have to waste hundred of hours to gear up your character, find good group and finish all bosses. We have good news. With little help with achievements and gear from the best WoW boosting service you can save much time and get same result and fun from wow-Uldir mythic full clear. Just make an order and use hundred of saved hours for your friends, family, work or recreation and entertainment.
By the way, If you need the most current raid – check out Ny’alotha Raid Boost Services

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