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Dungeons in Classic WoW

One of the defining features of World of Warcraft, since its inception, were the dungeons. Designed by players from older games like Everquest 2, Dungeons are instances that accomodate a party of 5 people (or 10 in some rare cases). Dungeons, starting at level 10, are spread through all level ranges all the way to level 60.

Our List of Best Dungeons

Zul’Farrak Dungeon Carry

Zul’Farrak is a level 44-54 dungeon located in the northwest corner of Tanaris in Classic WoW. Due to its excellent loot tables, rewarding quests, and engaging layout, ZF is considered to be one of the most popular dungeons in the game. Troll legends tell of a powerful sword called Sul’thraze the Lasher, a weapon capable of instilling fear and weakness in even the most formidable of foes. The Mallet of Zul’Farrak is a special item required to summon the final hidden boss of Zul’Farrak, Gahz’rilla which drops Carrot on a Stick trinket! If you interested in farm of the sword or trinket visit our WoW Classic Zul’farrak Dungeon Carry Boost section for more details!

Maraudon Dungeon Carry

Maraudon is a level 45-52 dungeon located in the Valley of Spears in Desolace. It is considered holy ground to centaurs, as a combination of an ancient burial ground and a temple dedicated to the elemental earth. You may find this dungeon interesting especialy if you are warlock looking for some good pre-raid weapon like Blade of Eternal Darkness. For more details and useful loot check our WoW Classic Maraudon Dungeon Carry Boost page!

Temple of Atal’Hakkar Dungeon Carry

The Temple of Atal’Hakkar is a level 50-55 dungeon located in a large lake in the center of the Swamp of Sorrows and is pretty easy to access for both factions. In addition to faction quests, dungeon has a bunch of Class specific quests you might need in future. Also, you may find some cool stuff like Dragon’s Call or Embrace of the Wind Serpent. For more loot info visit our WoW Classic Temple of Atal’Hakkar Dungeon Carry Boost page!

Blackrock Depths Dungeon Carry

Nestled deep within the core of Blackrock Mountain, Blackrock Depths (BRD) is the former capital of the Dark Iron Dwarves who are led by Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. This five-man dungeon is the definition of immense as it will take several hours for groups to fully clear. This dungeon got some super rare Best in Slot items like Ironfoe and Hand of Justice. Waste no time and order run in our WoW Classic Blackrock Depths Dungeon Carry Boost product page.

Lower Blackrock Spire Dungeon Carry

Lower Blackrock Spire, often shortened to LBRS is the lower half of the Blackrock Spire dungeon. Located within Blackrock Mountain, Blackrock Spire was designed by master dwarf-mason, Franclorn Forgewright. It was operated by Dark Iron Dwarves for centuries, created to serve as a symbol of their sinister ideologies until Nefarian, son of Deathwing, took control of the Upper Spire and declared war on the dwarves, as well as their leader, Ragnaros. It is designed for players level 55-60. A great reason to farm Blackrock Spire is obtaining great loot (like Mark of the Dragon Lord), including lots of Pre-Raid BiS (Best-in-slot) gear, as well as Tier 0 Set Pieces. For more details check our WoW Classic Lower Blackrock Spire Dungeon Carry Boost service.

Upper Blackrock Spire Dungeon Carry

Nestled at the top of Blackrock Mountain overlooking both the Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge. Blackrock Spire was formerly a Dark Iron Fortress. However, Nefarian and his draconic minions captured the Fortress in their continued war against the Dwarfs deep within the volcanic bowels of Blackrock Mountain. This is first 10-man dungeon and your group must have Seal of Ascension to enter. No worries, if you order our WoW Classic Upper Blackrock Spire Dungeon Carry Boost, we will bring a seal so you will be able to enter!

Dire Maul Dungeon Carry

Another 10-man huge dungeon where you can find lots of gear and find ancient arcane secrets left by followers of Queen Azshara.
Although Dire Maul did not have an attunement, someone in your party needed to have a Crescent Key to open the West and North wings. The key drops from Pusillin on the East Wing. Entire dungeon divided by wings, check our WoW Classic Dire Maul Dungeon Carry Boost to see available options of completing this dungeon!

Scholomance Dungeon Carry

Scholomance is a level 55-60 dungeon in Classic WoW, located in the southeastern part of the Western Plaguelands, on an island named Caer’Darrow, consisting of mostly humanoid and undead enemies. That being said, there’s a lot of great loot to be found inside Scholomance, including many pieces of gear sets and Scholomance-specific sets and tier 0 items. Check our WoW Classic Scholomance Dungeon Carry Boost and stand against necromancery of Barov Family with our best teams to claim best rewards!

Stratholme Dungeon Carry

Once the jewel of northern Lordaeron, the city of Stratholme is where Prince Arthas turned against his mentor, Uther Lightbringer, and slaughtered hundreds of his own subjects who were believed to have contracted the dreaded plague of undeath. The final boss of undead side also has a small chance to drop the ultra rare unique mount which he rides upon, the Deathcharger’s Reins.
To complete the dungeon fully, we will need a The Scarlet Key which comes from Scarlet Monastery Library and Key to the City, which drops from Magistrate Barthilas. But no worries at all! Ordering from WoW Classic Stratholme Dungeon Carry Boost service, we will bring all keys needed. Be ready to explore all horrors left by Arthas insanity, but for all who will not afraid a great rewards await!

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