Master your class and specialization

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Master your class and specialization

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Do you want to improve your DPS/HPS or tanking? You need only 2 things for it: skill and gear. Ordering this package you will get both! This service includes Antorus heroic selfplay BiS gear + personal coaching by professional player of your specialization all the way during the boost. Our coach will explain everything you need to know to become awesome DD, healer or tank.


Description team is glad to present the best package boost ever! Gear boost and coaching what can be better? If you tired of checking guides but want to improve your skills and learn new tricks – this service will be excellent for you! Service including full BiS gearing, this can up to 5 weeks in total. Create your own item list and our team will farm every single item for you (works for 1 specialization only). During this time you will take a part in raid runs and our professional coach will give you tips, explain all encounters and boss mechanics matching your specialization. Order this service now and see you in top of recount or skada in couple weeks! This service available only selfplay mode, this means you need to play on your character during runs. Ask our support agents about available timeframes and create your own schedule! All services are being done by hands without using any third-party software. Feel free to place an order and our support agents will contact you within 15 minutes after payment.

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