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WoW Leveling Service offers trustworthy and professional World of Warcraft power leveling service for your characters, enabling you to get your desired level, gear, achievements and mounts – quickly and conveniently. Your order will be processed by professionals who follow strict security guidelines and you can rest assured that every single of your concerns and questions will be addressed with great care and attention to details.
If you have never used wow leveling service before, you might have a lot of questions. We will explain all about our process in this simple wow level boost guide, but if you still have any dilemmas, feel free to contact our friendly support at at any time, about any inquiries that you may have.
We have a long record and rock-solid reputation of providing highest quality power level wow service. We are transparent, heavily present on social media – Facebook, Twitch and Instagram, where you can read first-hand about experiences of other players who decided to buy character boost wow via our website.
Will I get banned if I buy WoW power leveling from Leprestore?
While this is a totally valid concern, we can assure you that using our services is 100% safe and you can count on our professionalism and discretion. Every single of our services is provided by a skilled professional, we never resort to 3rd party programs, bots, or do any suspicious activity that could potentially flag your account. We will even use a VPN that matches your geographic location.
What you will receive is not cheating in any way, but simply having a trustworthy professional complete time-consuming and repetitive tasks on your character while you spend your time in a more productive and useful manner. With a power level boost you will be able to focus your precious free time on WoW content that you actually wish to play.
You can request a livestream of your ordered service (you will need to ask about availability in advance and possibly wait for a free window).
What Is WoW level boost and why would you need it?
Power level in wow is one of the highest demanded services – and for a good reason. Every new World of Warcraft player wishes to experience everything this magnificent game has to offer by themselves for the first time. To do quests, dungeons, explore the huge world of Warcraft. And after 14 years and 7 expansions, this world IS huge. While it is captivating and interesting to go through the whole content with first several characters, it will eventually become bothersome, especially if you are a veteran player who has done the same content over and over again, has limited time and yet wishes to raise this new alt class to the max level as soon as possible so they could use it in a raid. Simply said, this service is primarily oriented towards players who are interested in the newest content that Blizzard has released, and dont have enough free time to level those alts by themselves.
Why you should buy leveling WoW at Leprestore?
If you have done Wow character boost price research, you have seen that the prices vary heavily between different service providers. Leprestore is not amongst the cheapest nor among the most expensive ones. We pride ourselves in providing the affordable wow character boost cost, while maintaining the quality of service, speed and highest possible reliability. When you buy wow power leveling service with Leprestore, you wont just get a wow boost level, but also a peace of mind that your account is in good hands, which is in itself – priceless.
WoW character boost price
That being said, the amount you will actually need to pay for power level wow service, depends on several factors. The newest of our offers enables you to propel your character forward from level 110 -120 in just 12-16 hours. That is also the most expensive option. If you opt for slower WoW leveling service speed of 48 hours, the same service will cost you much lower.
There are no pre-requirements for this service, as you will hand your character in to our professional pilot, who will boost it within the period you designated. Everything that the pilot achieves during the boost period is yours to keep after the service has been delivered. This includes:
– Different wow loot – gold, items, companions
– Reputation increase with a number of BfA factions
Note that there are addon orders that you can add to the main power leveling one. They include:

Leveling a character from level 1 to 110
Gearing a character to chosen ilvl
8 dungeon runs in Mythic mode
Raid Normal run
Raid Heroic run
200 World Quests
Full Normal Gear
Full Heroic Gear
War Campaign meta-achievement
Pathfinder part 1 achievement
Weekly Island Expeditions Cap
Unlocking World Quests

BFA Gearing
Gearing up your character in BfA is very time consuming, especially considering the fact that you will also want to obtain the best Azerite traits possible for your class specialization of choice.
While Power leveling package enables you to opt for gearing addon options, at Leprestore we offer BfA gearing to the specific item level of choice, at affordable prices.

With purchased wow leveling gear service, you will also get all the items and Azerite that were collected in the process, raid runs, dungeon runs, world quests and all other means required to obtain the item level of your choice. Anything that drops during delivery of our service – loot, resources, items, mounts – will remain untouched in your inventory.
In order to be eligible for wow leveling gear service, you only need to have a 120 lvl character. No gear requirements apply to this order.
Depending on the item level you purchased, our professional booster pilot will need anywhere between 14 and 35 days to complete your order.
BFA Pathfinder
BfA Pathfinder Part 1 achievement is one of the most important achievements that you can strive for in the new content. It is the first part of series to obtain flying ability on the new continents. It is quite time-consuming, but will reward you with increased mount speed in Zandalar and Kul Tiras.
Leprestore offers this time-consuming achievement as a paid service.
If you opt to do it by yourself it will require you to do the following:

Battle for Azeroth Explorer
Wide World of Quests

War Campaigns:

Ready for War for Alliance
Ready for War for Horde
Azerothian Diplomat

Complete Zone Questlines:

Kul Tourist for Alliance
Zandalar Forever! for Horde

The most consuming one of these is definitely Azerothan Diplomat that will require you to reach revered reputation with all relevant factions.
Allied Races
Battle for Azeroth expansion has open a plethora of exciting new races that you will be able to play as. But there is a catch – in order to be able to play them, you need to ‘unlock’ them first. This requires quite a bit of reputation grinding (among other things) for each of the races that are currently available and those that will be introduced in the patches to come. While Void elves and Nightbornes required Legion factions reputation grinding, Battle for Azeroth brings its own share of allied races that require equally daunting reputation grinding and time to accomplish it.
Luckily, at Leprestore, you can buy the following Allied Races Boosts: Zandalari Trolls, Maghar Orcs, Kul Tiran Humans and Dark Iron Dwarves.
Maghar Orcs allied race boost service
Maghar orcs is the race the many players are looking forward to, especially because of its unique skin colors and hairstyles and racial abilities. Still, unlocking this race is not very easy.
Firstly, you will need to complete War Campaign for the Horde, and the whole process can take several weeks. This is especially tricky considering the new chapters in War Campaign become available only as you progress with Honorbound reputation.
And to unlock Maghar orcs, you will also need to become exalted with Honorbound. It will take you a really large number of Honorbound World quests, but you will also be able to advance this reputation from Emissary on Kul Tiras and Warfront contributions.
After you achieve this, the last step is to complete a recruitment scenario, which shows how and why Maghar orcs actually join the Horde.
Completion of all these requirements will also earn you achievement – Allied Races: Maghar Orc
You must then complete a special recruitment scenario which weve datamined which demonstrates why the Maghar Orcs join the Horde.
You have now earned the Allied Races: Maghar Orc achievement and can create a Maghar Orc.
They come with the cool-looking Maghar Direwolf mount.
Zandalari Trolls allied race boost service
Zandalari Trolls allied race will be released in 8.1 patch. However, the requirements are already known and the boost service for this race is widely available.
It requires you to achieve exalted reputation with Zandalari Empire as well as to complete entire War Campaign. Note that the new chapters in War Campaign will become available only as you progress your reputation with different faction – Honorbound. It is not yet known if this race will require advancement in future War Campaign chapters.
Similarly to Maghar Orcs, you will be able to advance required reputations from World quests, Emissaries on Kul Tiras and Warfront contributions.
To be able to roll a Zandalari Troll, you will already need to have a level 110 character on that server.
Dark Iron Dwarves boost service
Dark Iron Dwarves are a brand new allied race, available to Alliance players who have completed required set of achievements and reputations in Battle for Azeroth.
Alliance has its own War Campaign, with chapters that progressively unlock as you progress with 7th Legion reputation.
In order to complete Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf achievement, you will need to complete the entire War Campaign as well as to reach exalted status with 7th Legion.
You will be able to advance this reputation through 7th Legion World Quests, Warfront contributions, and Emissaries on the continent of Zandalar.
After you complete the above requirements the only thing left to do is to complete a recruitment scenario for Dark Iron Dwarves that explains why and how they decided to join Alliance.
Dark Iron Dwarves come with a cool Dark Iron Core Hound mount.
Kul Tiran Humans boost service
Similarly as Zabdalari Trolls, Kul Tiran Humans will be available to players after the Patch 8.1 hits and after the new Raid – Siege of Zuldazar, which actually brings the Alliance and Kul Tiran Humans closer together.
Requirements to unlock the race are to reach exalted status with Proudmoore Admiralty. Reputation gains are limited by a number of World Quests and Emissaries that are available at a time, so this reputation may take several weeks to obtain.
The other requirement is to complete all the chapters from the War Campaign scenario for the Alliance. It is not yet known if there will be a need to make additional advancement through future campaigns, or Ready for War achievement will suffice.
To be able to roll a Kul Tiran Human, you will already need to have a level 110 character on that server.

Additional BFA Power Leveling Services that we offer include:

• World Quests farming from 30 quests to 500 quests
You will be able to specify if you only wish Azerite quests or if you dont have world quests unlocked and you would like us to do it for you.
• Islands Expeditions Cap 5x on Heroic or 4x on Mythic difficulty.
Completing Islands Expeditions weekly cap gives a nice boost to your Hearth of Azeroth item level.

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