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The Eternal Palace, mythic dungeons boost & carry services

Leprestore is a 6 years old company with over 100,000 completed boosts! We have more than 1,000 positive reviews and 4,9/5 TrustPilot Score. Our website is live 24/7! Ask your question in chat and get a response from our support agent within 30 seconds. We guarantee best price and highest level of service. Our refund policy is flexible and customer-friendly – you’ll get your money back if something goes wrong way!

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The Best WoW Boost Service

Greetings and welcome on the most trustworthy and customer-friendly website for Wow services - Leprestore! We always were pursuing the global idea of collaboration and helping everyone who needs to optimize gaming experience without wasting a lot of time. World of warcraft services started to appear in late Cataclysm. Back then, it was mostly PVP and solo-related content, but now everything changed significantly.


Right now PVE boosts came into the first place, especially the most wanted - AotC WoW. We can provide raids, dungeons, rare mounts, solo content and many many more. If you need any of the wow services - you can find them on the website. If your desire cannot be found in products, always come and ask a support agent via live chat. The current most-selling and popular World of Warcraft Services are raids and dungeons. This is a completely safe bet without any chances of getting an account lock or ban. Any wow services are safe, except for the PVP section. These ones you take on your own risk since Blizzard got mad at the end of Draenor. They are logically thinking that player versus player Wow services are disturbing other people. That means the following: PvE is not disturbing other players’ experience, so it's safe to perform. Generally, feel free to have any of the World of Warcraft services that are not affecting other players. Minute of the safety explanation has ended, so let’s break down our website into pieces and talk about everything we have:

  • Ny’alotha, The Waking City section: here you can find all available offers for last raid of BFA expansion;
  • Also you always can get some older raids and mounts from them;
  • Mythic+ Dungeons - every Mythic+  difficulty from M10 and highest difficulties to score;
  • We have a few high-ranked teams which can push you to enormous levels;
  • AotC Wow achievement - the most desirable achievement for frequent players;
  • We always can deliver Ahead of The Curve during live raids;
  • WoW Loot or gearing section - we can set up getting you to the certain item level, with 100% guarantee of delivery;
  • We got a wide range of gearing service - from basic gear to run regular mythic dungeons to highest possible gear, obtained through Mythic Raids;
  • Wow Level Boost - next very popular folder where you can get your character boosted to 120 level;
  • Heritage armor unlocks are possible for ordering as well, but the timeframe is around 2 weeks;
  • Buy WoW Mounts- get the steed you always wanted;
  • And tons of other products which can be found while surfing our website.



Current live expansion is Battle For Azeroth. That means you can get yourself BFA raids and loot from Ny’alotha in only two clicks. We have options for item trade which are a necessity after Blizzard deleted Master Loot. If you don't need the whole raid but only Aotc Wow - just get your N’Zoth kill. But there's also a lot more activities you can participate in. Still being the most popular one, BFA raids, are not the only top sale product. You can navigate on our website by using the menu on the top of the page. 


We also provide one of the most professional executions of Leveling WoW you have ever seen! Our solo boosters are true professionals and always happy to start whenever you place an order. 


Mythic+ WoW Dungeons

Here you can take a look at 5 people instances which are very popular since Legion. For example, Draenor was only providing us mythic dungeons or challenges, while Legion introduced for us new type of them. These are called plus, where you can get wow mythic dungeons loot. But regular mythics are still in place for gearing your character to basic level. Furthermore, WoW Dungeons by Leprestore is provided by the best Raider.IO teams. What you can earn by getting this product: Powerful and unique WoW loot which can be earned only in high-level mythic plus dungeons. Also, greatly enhancing your skills and tactics while ordering selfplay; Availability to start gearing in the minute after you've finished with your Leveling WoW. Single run time only around 20-40 minutes (depends on difficulty) so you can be flexible with that. Availability to earn high-level WoW Loot at new reset from weekly chest. Also, the weekly chest is sadly the only way to get Azerite pieces from dungeons; High versatility in range of WoW Mythic Dungeons Loot - from 400 (0) to 485+ (+15 and higher); 

Improving your Raider.IO score to have easier searching for parties in Looking for Group. 



Third, but never less important section is WoW Level Boost. In this particular section, you can find multiple types of boosts designed for getting your character to maximum level. WoW Level Boost is the most important thing for starting up the game, since 75% of the content is unlocked on the highest point. Not saying that you can't enjoy the game without maximum mark of levels, but it's like an iceberg principle. So just buy Leveling WoW in our store and get your character maxed out in the estimated time! A detailed explanation of what you'd like to know: Leveling WoW Implies getting your character to a maximum of the current level cap; In Battle for Azeroth maximum achievable level is 120. You can buy wow powerleveling from either 1, 20 or 110 level through self-named product page; It's still possible to have a custom range done, just ask your questions in a live chat or other messengers we support; BFA Powerleveling stands for boosting default 110-120 range; Inside the section you can find other products related to this area; For example, you can always buy Gear Wow as an attachment to initial purchase; There's also a lot of related pages such as World quest farm, Allied races, Island Expeditions et cetera.


 Weekly wow quests for items or azerite are also situated inside the folder. Basically, you can add all starter 'must-have' features as attachments to main order; Buy leveling wow on Leprestore and get your character boosted to max level in only 12/24 hours! That's not all about this section, but still the most important parts. We can mention that you buy wow powerleveling on multiple characters and get good discount for that. Or also you can cooperate with a friend and get two chars at once. So it is faster and cheaper as well. To maximize the speed of reaching 120 you can use world of warcraft character boost by Blizzard (to 110). Then just proceed with a purchase and get fresh and ready toon in less than 1 day. That's basically the result of regular BFA powerleveling


Mounts and Achievements


We've decided to combine these two sections to distinguish other services (wow-loot related) from casual ones. All of the products listed in these sections are not designed to gear your character or level him. It's all more about World of Warcraft Farming. You won't get any significant improvement for your characters, but you will get satisfaction, joy and even can become jubilant on results. Just drop other thoughts and remember, how much time total you were wasting on farming WoW Dungeon Mounts? Such as glory ones, rare drops from dozens of different instances. Right, hundreds of hours of nonstop World of Warcraft Farming! The true spirit of the old WoW is still flying around these products. But let's get down into them more precisely. Remember, how you were doing this wow raiding for a couple of years? To get this desirable Invincible or Ironhoof, or even a pair of Azzinoth Warglaives. Right, good old times! But we are ready to help you with this Wow raid farming to finally get this phantom mount to drop! It always depends on luck and RNG but we have a guarantee of farming until the goal is dropped.


Basically, you don't need any World of Warcraft Gear on your character. It can be newly created 110 toon without anything done and it still will be useful to increase the speed of farming. The same situation goes with achievements, which are mostly based on old Legion wow quests. Also, there's a bunch of Glory achievements with almost every single one providing you mount and title. Some older ones for wow raiding are only giving you a title and achievement points, but still can come in handy. Such as Vanilla glories and Burning Crusade. Also in case of selfplay it's always a great way to see how things have changed since then to WoW Ny’alotha.


Another important part is transmogrification gear. This is old wow-loot which already went out of date, but still can be transmogrified to make your character look like in good old times. This feature is also a time consuming one, but we are trying to help your character make a new look with equipped items from wow-ny’alotha or mythic plus. 


So let's have a quick breakdown of what do we offer in this section. Wow raid farming for getting Glory achievements or rare mounts with >1% drop rate; Glories award you mounts and titles plus big amount of achievement points; World of Warcraft Gear for Transmogrification purposes from raids and dungeons of all expansions and Vanilla; Also there are some custom requests available after talking to support agent, such as rare weapons from Antorus: The Burning Throne. You can buy gear WoW for Transmogrification from any raid including even ongoing one, but price rises depending on drop rate and instance's difficulty; Old achievements for previous expansions: Pathfinder, Loremaster, Proving Grounds, Mage Tower recolors, Horrific Visions etс. WoW dungeon mounts farm from old dungeons of Cataclysm, Wrath of the Lich King or BFA ones. Also, we provide completing all dungeon glories in-game. World of Warcraft Character boost for achievement points - this feature is still under design, but most of the follow-up services are listed above; Getting all glories and significant achievements will greatly push your overall score. 

And last, but not least - we always respect our guests and customers. We've been building our store as a big family, so if you want to become part of it - you will be treated like one of us. With all love, respect, and care we can give to you. Thank you for coming here and reading about our website. Our destination - become the most common boosting website but with real professionalism and family attitude. You can always find something you need here. Leprestore - your friendly boosting service and your family, since 2012.

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